How To Get Books On Kindle Paperwhite

Erase books off Kindle Touch without deleting them from the Manage Your Kindle.

I’m getting the Kindle Paperwhite and will be giving my Touch to a friend. I want to erase the books off the touch, but have them on the Paperwhite. How can I do this?

I believe when you de-register the device, that will happen.Then when you register the Paperwhite to your account, all the books you’ve bought will show up in your Archive folder, where you can download them onto your new Paperwhite.

I’ve bought a kindle – how can I get cheaper books.

I bought a Kindle Paperwhite to go on holiday, after not liking the idea for a while, I came around to its convenience and clutter-free positives. However, all the books I want to buy, Hunger Games etc are all the same price as paperbacks – is this to be expected and are there any ways to get them cheaper etc? I…

As a Kindle owner, you have to be open-minded, and not necessarily set on reading the best-sellers.There are many many hundreds of free, or cheap, ebooks for your Kindle. What is your favorite genre? I’m going to assume you like Young Adult novels (ie. Hunger Games).Go to this link. I have it set to “teens.” You can change the genre, or add more options. Every book on this list is free.…Also, you can simply go to and type in “free young adult kindle books,” or “free vampire kindle books,” etc.My personal favorite genre is horror/terror, mystery, and fantasy (depends on my mood).Here are some really good series:The Donovan Creed Series, by John Locke:Donovan Creed is a former CIA assasin, currently working as a hit man for hire. Even though he is killing people, he is a very likeable character because the people he kills mostly deserve it. Mostly. You’ll see.(most, if not all, of these are $2.99 each)~ Lethal People~ Lethal experiment~ Saving Rachel~ Now and Then~ Wish List~ A Girl Like You~ Vegas Moon~ The Love You Crave~ Maybe~ Callie’s Last Dance~ Because We CanIf you like a little horror/terror, you’ll like this Andrew Z. Thomas series by Blake Crouch (frankly, anything by Blake Crouch is really good):($2.99 or $3.99 each)~ Desert Places~ Locked Doors~ Break You

Descendants books for free

Books i own to kindle (UK).

Hi i was wondering if i could somehow get a copy of the books that i own onto my kindle paperwhite and if possible how do i do this?? many thanks in advance Amy

You have to buy them again as ebooks.What I did when I switched to ereading (and found to to be less strain on my eyes) was I went through a lot of my physical books (still working on this) and there were only about 6-8 that I like to re-read once in a while. I bought those in ebook format and donated the physical versions along with my other physical books to the library. I am mainly only keeping physical books with special printing, valuable signed/first editions, and craft/art/cook books in physical form as well as a few books I plan to loan to family members.If there are any classic books you want (Treasure island, Little Women, Tale of Two Cities etc) then you should be able to find free versions at Amazon UK.Ways to find new legally free books…I also get a lot of indie and new author books when they are free (may only be free for a day or two) – Here is a UK site to help you find new ones at Amazon UK: you can always got to the main Kindle Ebooks page at Amazon UK, pick the Bestsellers link, then click Top 100 Free to see the Top 100 Free ebooks.…Then you can click into categories on the left to see the Top 100 Free in one category.———-If what you meant to ask is how to download Kindle EBOOKS you already own to your new Paperwhite – just go to the Manage Your Kindle page at Amazon UK and you will find a list of all of the Kindle ebooks you own. To the right of each pick Deliver To… and choose the Paperwhite that’s registered to your account. The Paperwhite will need to connect to a Wifi network (unless you bought the 3G Paperwhite).Manage Your Kindle at Amazon UK…Alternately – once you register your Paperwhite with the same Amazon account that owns the Kindle books, when the Paperwhite connects to the net it will get a “Cloud” list of all of the Kindle books you have previously purchased at Amazon. The home Library list page of the Paperwhite also has the word “Cloud” – click that to see your cloud list, and you should be able to touch (or maybe hold finger on) book in list to download it to your Kindle. (again requires a Wifi network unless you have a 3G Paperwhite)

Some problems on my Kindle Paperwhite..

So I bought the paperwhite 3 weeks ago, which was pretty good until today.1. Can’t detect my wifi. I’m sure it’s not my wifi’s problem, since my phones and laptop are working well.2. Getting really slow when I want to highlight text or look them up in dictionary.I just have less than 10…

Have you tried to reboot your Kindle device to see if problem goes off? Often it can solve the problem.You can see here on how to reboot the Kindle device, and other section for other issues on your Kindle Paperwhite:

Has anyone here get the amazon kindle paperwhite yet.

Does anyone have the kindle paperwhite?How is it? I’m not an intense reader and I only read 1 book this year that isn’t for school and I hate reading. But I think the kindle paperwhite is cool and I am going to try reading more next year so should I get it? It’s only $110 and I have Visa Giftcards

Comments on Kindle Paperwhite from an actual user, should be helpful:…Ebook readers do make a difference in the time of reading since they are pretty easy to use, buy books and also lend books from the library.Bestselling Kindle:…

Should i get a kindle or just buy books at stores.

is it worth the money? are buying books at stores better? whts the difference between a kindle and kindle paperwhite. im really new to this. are books cheaper on the kindle

For the Kindle, you’ll be reading on ebooks. You may miss the feel of actual book when you first make use of it, but it’s trend and many people have got used to it already.There’re indeed some benefits with the Kindle, as compared to actual books:- There’re millions of free ebooks available for the Kindle. All books in the public domain are free to get as ebooks, but you have to pay for them in actual books.- Ebooks can be under big discount or even free when they’re in promotion. But actual books can’t be heavily discounted, due to the printing cost.- Normally price of Kindle books are cheaper than paperbacks.- Features like dictionary, notes, bookmark, highlight, etc., all come handy, without the need of any additional tools.- It’s more portable than books. It’s easy to carry a Kindle device with plenty of books on it, but a few physical books will already be a lot of weight. This makes a difference especially for trips.- It saves space for bookshelves.- You don’t need to worry about the papers going yellowish, torn, etc.This actual user opinion mentioned about difference between the Kindle Paperwhite and the basic Kindle. It also discussed about how the latest Kindle compares with actual books. It’ll help you decide:

Can I put Cbr Files on a Kindle Paperwhite.

I am thinking about getting a Kindle Paperwhite this year and I was just wondering is there some way to put Cbr, Cbz & Pdf Files on a Kindle Paperwhite to read, view etc. Thanks (:

As per Amazon, it can read these formats:Kindle Format 8 (AZW3), Kindle (AZW), TXT, PDF, unprotected MOBI, PRC natively; HTML, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP through conversionStill for other formats all you have to do is to convert them to these readable formats. It is pretty easy and wont take much time also. Just use Calibre to organize and convert your books.This review mentions about the formats you are asking about and how to convert:…Hope this helped!

Books on Kindle for College.

I got a Kindle Paperwhite for Christmas and some of my books have Kindle editions. Has anyone ever used a text e-book for college that can tell me how it was? I’m afraid to waste the money and then discover that I don’t like it.

A lot of the books for Kindle offer a free sample of the book. I would suggest that you search the Kindle store for the textbooks that you need, and see if there are free samples of them. You can find out by selecting the book you want to see more information. If there is a free sample available, you should see something that says Try a Sample. Press on that, and it should start downloading.

How can I see JPEG or ePub files on Kindle paperwhite.

I put following formats of a self-scanned book in the “document” folder in Kindle Paperwhite through USB, but only the PDF shows up on the home screen.ePub, jpeg images in folder, zipped jpeg, MOBISince Kindle Paperwhite doesn’t display PDF files on full screen, I would like to see the jpeg format…

The Kindle paperwhite supports JPEG / JPG formats, while ePub files you get to have it converted to supported format before it can be read on the Kindle.You can try personal documents service. If you do it via WiFi, there won’t be any charge:…From the bottom of the above page, you can see formats supported by the Kindle. For ePub, I think you get to have it converted to Kindle supported format using some software like Calibre:…Hope this helps.

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