How Many Books In The Hunger Games

How many chapters are in the hunger games.

How many chapters are in the hunger games?the 1st book only!thx 🙂

9 chapters in hunger games. 27 in the series.

How many chapters are in each of the Hunger Games books.

the hunger games have 27 chapters. Check it out on for further details 🙂 Catching Fire and Mockingjay I believe has 27 chapters as well. and

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how many books in the hunger games series are there.

i heard there was 3 but is there any more coming out?

Sadly only 3.lol1) The hungergames2) Catching fire3) Mockingjayanswer?:);…

How many books will there be total in The Hunger Games Trilogy.

So far there is:-The Hunger Games-Catching FireI know she’s writing one right now and that it is to be released Fall 2010. But I heard this will be her final book to the trilogy? Is that true? I really hope not.p.s. Peeta or Gale? 😉

Three books = Trilogy, I’ll also agree with the person who first answered.The final one IS going to be released Fall 2010. Probably September or October, if current trends continue. Don’t worry, she’ll probably have a new series right after. Or she’ll just be working on the Hunger Games movie. :)I <3 Peeta!--AlexandriaAdmin of HGT.Com

How many times can you be in the hunger games.

So I’m reading The Hunger Games at the moment and I can’t stop asking myself this question. Let’s say you’re in the hunger games and you win. Can you be chosen as tribute another year or are you like immune?

For regular games, a tribute can only join once. If he/she wins (well, he/she cant compete if he/she loses cause he’ll/she’ll be dead) then they automatically belong to the winner’s circle. Never was it mentioned that winners can join or volunteer again, nor was it mentioned that they can volunteer if they won. Although every 25 years, there is a Quarter Quell or a specialized version of the game where rules are changed for just that particular year. In Hunger Games, the game is on its 74th year so the next year, the 75th will be a Quarter Quell year. Im not gonna give you any spoilers since its obvious that youre reading the first book, but if you continue thought the next two books, you will know what Im saying.Enjoy the books!:)*Btw, Career players are players from District 1, 2 and others who spend their entire growing up years training to be tributes. They were never winners but have conditioned themselves into joining the games. If in case they were not chosen by their 18th birthday, they usually volunteer during the Reaping.

How many deaths are in The Hunger Games.

I know at least 22 tributes die, but am I forgetting anyone else that died in the book?

Wow, just wait til you read the second and third books…then try counting. It’s crazy. Well, it talks about how Katniss’s and Gale’s fathers both died in the first book…but other than that, I don’t recall anyone who hasn’t already been mentioned. Seneca does die probably in the same time period that the first book was happening, but you don’t know about it until book two.

how many books are in the hunger games sreies.

Im waititng to go to florida for feburary break to read the hunger games. eeveryone who read it loved it. hoow many books are in the sreies?

There are 3 books.1.) The Hunger Games2.) The Hunger Games-Catching Fire3.)The Hunger Games-MockingjayAnd my source is my brain. I LOVE HUNGER GAMES! TEAM PEETA <3

How many books are in The Hunger Games.

I saw several hunger games book in my libraries catalog and also saw the word trilogy.Doesn’t that mean 3?So there are 3 hunger games books?Which is the first!?I am quite interested in reading it/them(?) so if you could lend your knowledge i’d be happy..

There’s 3.1.) The Hunger Games2.) Catching Fire3.) Mocking JayReally great books!!! The movie was really great!!! It was the best movie ever!!!!

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