How Many Books Are In 50 Shades Of Grey

can anyone tell me how many pages 50 shades of Grey ebook version has.

mine has 356 pages, and the last page says: end of part one, does it mean that there are more pages or that 50 shades darker is the second part?

There are 3 books in the series :)50 shades darker is the second book

50 Shades of Grey Advice.

I am considering picking up the 50 shades of Grey series. However, I would just like to know if they are really worth my time reading. I am not at all concerned with the “graphic” sex scenes (if they even are graphic–and not just for 10 year old girls!!). Seriously, I would like to read books along the…

Hi! I’ve read the novel. I’ll let you know right now you won’t enjoy it. Let me just tell you a FEW things wrong with it on an intellectual level.1) The grammar. Very bad. The author misplaces commas all over the place and I had to re-read the sentence and omit commas in order for the sentence to make sense MANY times.2) The dialogue. Oh, my. The main character uses the words “Holy Cow.” And “Jeez” to describe her emotions on EVERYTHING. The way Mr. Grey speaks, the way he touches her…everything. Very juvenile.3) The good parts in the novel—the tortured past that made Mr. Grey want the kind of sex he wants is not explored enough and the novel ends up becoming very repetitive focusing on such things as the main character biting her lip and the sexual arousal it causes Mr. Grey. Not exactly deep enough for me, personally.If you’re looking not to waste your time…I guarantee you’ll find this a waste of time.If you’re looking for a quick read, to satisfy your curiosity, and some characters that have potential to be deep (but that potential is squashed in the bad writing) then go for it.I hope this helped.

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The contract in 50 shades of grey…

There cannot be people actually like that but I felt overwhelmed reading it.What did y’all think of it?It’s in chapter 11 of the first book

I liked the series but I honestly think when(or if they actually do) make the movie, it’s going to suck. I don’t see how they could show all the scenes & it’s not like they can actually take out all the sex..Also you would be surprised who would live a lifestyle like this. There are many into the BDSM lifestyle.

What’s so great about 50 shades of Grey.

im reading Along for the Ride right now and when im done with it, i want to read another intersting book. So i heard how many people are talking about 50 shades of Grey and its other book of series…How is that book?and thanks

In a nutshell: it’s the worst book I’ve ever read by far.It’s badly written.The characters are boring, with one incredibly stupid and immature female lead and an empty controlling stalker of a male lead.It’s fill of repetitions – clearly the author was looking to artificially increase the word count.The sex is boring as hell and juvenile (for an erotica novel, that’s not good.)It doesn’t have a storyline – barely even a conflict.The romantic relationship is… I’m sorry, what romantic relationship? The narrator keeps saying they’re in love. I fail to see anything but sex.The book manages to be an insult to Stephenie Meyer! Twilight was better – way better.There’s only one reason to read it: satisfy your curiosity and find out what everyone is talking about.

I read the book “50 Shades of Grey” and thought it was about something else.

I thoight it was about how many shades of grey there actually was the book just made me confused, what does the title of the book have to do with the story it makes no sense?

The main character, Christian Grey, was a broken and abused man. He,and the woman who loved him, referred to him as screwed up in at least 50 ways..hence 50 Shades of Grey. You’d have to read the book and try to focus in order to understand.

The 50 Shades of Grey .

What is it about this book that woman and girls like, does a woman secretly like the thought of being spanked by her teacher or spouce and why ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,WOMAN AND GIRLS PLEASE HELP A MAN UNDERSTAND as alot of men will get something interesting out of this question

Many women are not so secretive about a desire for a man to be dominant, and thoroughly enjoy things like spanking or BDSM. That being said, this book is not, in any way, indicative of how actual BDSM is played out, and many in the BDSM communities see it as counterproductive. It brings newbies into the scene with false beliefs that could potentially get them into trouble. People should be “learning” from this book about as much as they should be viewing porn to learn about sex. You will not become a better lover by watching “Debbie Does Dallas,” because the sex is unrealistic. If people want to learn about spanking or BDSM, then they should approach someone in the scene who can give them facts, and not the glossy fiction of “Fifty Shades.”

how is 50 shades of grey.

I have heard about the book and how it was so sexually explicit in the literature about how so many book stores refused to have it in their stores. is it really that bad as people claim? I have the first copy of the book but hadn’t really read it yet I made it to 2 chapters and gave up because it wasn’t…

Fifty shades is not a book to be tossed aside lightly, it should be thrown with great force.

how many chapters are there in the book “FIfty shades of grey” .

I downloaded the ebook for fifty shades of grey and i cant help but notice that some paragraphs end abruptly ,and i think its because the book is not full , i want to know how many chapters are in the original book? mine has 26. thanks!

26 in the ebook version I have.You have to start the next book, 50 Shades Darker in order to pick up the story. They very much run right into each other as far as storyline goes. The second and third were better than the first if you’re at all interested in the characters.

What is the “Dead is” series about and how many books are there also what is the 50 shades of grey about.

the dead is series is about a girl who lives with her mother and two sisters in the strange and supernatural town of nightshade,ca. in the beginning of the first book her father is missing, and she is the only one in the household who doesn’t yet have powers. later on in the book she gets her powers while solving a mystery. in the other four books she solves mysteries, works at a diner, and goes to high school. i suggest flipping through the first book and then deciding if you want to read them. i think they are really good and not overly girly.

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