How To Play Violin Books

Can you learn how to play a piano from a book.

If so, please give suggestions and steps in what i should do.

It is possible to learn how to play piano from a book, but having a tutor would help you greatly to understand things that you don’t understand/know. I suggest you to attend a music class.When the first I bought my violin, my parents said I should just learn from YouTube, but the problem was I couldn’t completely understand, such as how to hold the bow or putting the violin on shoulder, it got kinda messed up, so I attend a violin class and now I can play a lot of songs and impress my parents.

What is the best book for learning violin.

I know how to play guitar and a little piano, and I’m fairly good at music theory. So what would be the best violin book for me to learn from?

One of the better violin music books to start out with is the Suzuki Violin School. It’s easy to find them and I thought they were very helpful when I first started private violin lessons. You’ll find as you get more experienced, that the Suzuki violin School books aren’t as great. Once you get around book six of the Suzuki violin School, try playing some other music like Bach’s Sonata’s and Partitas.

2nd grade reading level books online free

Learning how to play the violin… .

I’m getting my first violin for my birthday. I’m going to be eighteen and I have never played an instrument before(except for the clarinet a long, long time ago for a couple months maybe). So I’m not really familiar with musical notes or anything. I’m really confused about the finger positions on…

Ok good for you. Can I recommend getting an electronic tuner as well, and possibly a tutor book. Violins are tuned GDAE from lowest to highest. You have to make the othe notes with your fingers, so your placing has to be exact. A simple thing to start. all violinists when they start learn Twinkle Twinkle Little St. This is because the first 4 notes of the tune are 2 notes on the D string followed by 2 notes on the A string. The next note is made by placing the first finger on the A string to make the note B. I’msure you know the tune, so you can find the right place for your finger by experimentation. It is a tone (whole step) up from A.I hope this helps, but please feel free to go to my profile and email me if I can be of further assistance.

how to start playing violin.

You can say i know nothing about music notes. I learned the very basic 15 years ago and since then, nothing. But now i feel like i want to start playing violin as a hobby…but i cant play instrsument at my house, rules. So i thought maybe i can play silent violin (that electric one i guess)…so is there any…

Some instruments lend themselves to self-teaching. Violin is not one of them. You need instruction, especially if you don’t even know how to read music.I’ve seen what happens when people who don’t know much about music try to teach themselves violin. It’s not pretty. They sound like a kid playing with a toy violin.

2009 Violin Book Songs.

Please can someone tell me how to get 2009 Violin Book Songs… If there is none then I should quit playing Violin and switch to Guitar thanks alot!

If you are wanting 2009 songs to play on your violin you can always buy or download the sheet music. It will probably be more for the piano and vocals… but it gives you something to play. Mission Impossible theme, Orange Blossom Special and Devil Went Down to Georgia are the only mainstream songs that I have found with a notable enough violin part to actually have the violin sheet music.Musician’s Friend has a fair share of violin books and accessories.

how to play the violin…..

I need some help playing the violin. is there a free site that shows videos for free on how to play the violin?I do not want a violin instructor. i would like to learn by video or book. this may sound stupid to some people but this is what i chose to do. Thanks!p.s. i do not want a site about paying for a…

I think this is a better question to take to your local public library. Ask the reference librarian to find you videos and books about learning to play the violin. They may even have some available. If not, they can certainly obtain them for you via ILL. That way, you get what you want and don’t have to pay for it.

Play Violin.

I want to learn how to play the violin. It sort of attracted me all of a sudden. I guess its just the sound it makes very soothing. Now, I don’t know anything about violin considering Im primarily a trumpet player but I would like to try it out.Anyone here have any tips(aside for the usual practice)? Or any…

First off, I would suggest looking into violin lessons. I learned to play the violin through my school’s orchestra program, and I think that it would be difficult to teach yourself the techniques that the instrument requires. Some cities have music businesses where you can sign up for lessons, or perhaps you could contact a musician from a local orchestra.There is also a set of books/CDs you may have heard of called the Suzuki method. They are designed to teach beginning players, and usually work very well. (however, I still strongly recommend lessons)It takes practice and experience to get a good sound out of a violin, so be patient with yourself. It’s not uncommon to make a hideous screeching sound the first time you pick up your instrument. Don’t give up!! :)If you can already read music, that will be very helpful.If you choose to rent or own an instrument, avoid buying cheap violins off internet sites like Amazon. They are often called “violin-shaped objects” and have very poor quality. Best of luck! It takes lots of time & effort to learn to play the violin well, but it is a very beautiful and rewarding instrument.(PS: you’d probably get more answers if this was in a music category instead of Theatre & Acting)

is there a total package of DVD or books that i could buy to teach myself how to play the violin.

is there ANY dvds that you or you know of that work so that i can teach my self to play the violin. If i work really hard for three years is it even possible for me to play something like this lastly is the violin hard to play? any additional information…

There is a tutor book called ‘Essential Elements 2000’ (Hal Leonard publication) for violin, which comes in 2 volumes. Both books also come with a DVD that accompanies the book. I know it is quite popular with some teachers.I’ve left a link for you to investigate……Playing the violin is easy; playing the violin well is quite difficult. It is quite a technically demanding instrument to play. You need to do a lot of finger exercises, and you also need to work on bow hold and technique. However, this tutor book should start you off with some basics. If you’re thinking of taking it up seriously, I would recommend getting a teacher.

Which are the best books to learn how to play violin.

I want to teach myself how to play the violin (can’t afford lessons, I have to pay University). I don’t have any musical skills, don’t even know how to read.What I’m looking for is:A. A book that teaches me the fundamentals of music, what I need to know to play the violin.B. A book that…

Even though it’s usually used for starting children out on the violin, the Suzuki Method for strings is (in my opinion) the best way to start learning the violin. Another book to invest in would be “I Can Read Music” series. It is very fundamental and really helps when you’re learning to read! As for simply starting from scratch though, it is really difficult to do so without the help of a private instructor. I would also recommend going to your public library or watching basic videos online to get the right setup. 🙂

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