How To Get Your Comic Books Graded

I have some comic books, need to get them graded.

I was given a bunch of comic books. Wanted to know how to get them graded. We would like to sell them, but I want to know more about what I have before I do that.

Personally, I think those comic grading companies are a big rip-off.Check out a Wizard or Overstreet magazine before getting them graded. Unless they are really valuable comics, it’s not worth it.And unless they are in really good shape, it’s not worth it.You can also look at ebay to see what those comics have been selling for.

Comic books.

I wanted to know how I can get in touch with someone over the internet about appraising comic books.

I’m not sure if you’re looking for someone to tell you how much they’re worth (as in a price guide) or to actually get them appraised & graded. But if you’re going with the latter, Certified Guaranty Company (CGC) is the way to go. You send them your comics, which they then throughly inspect & grade. Then they seal them, label them, and ship them back to you. CGC graded comics are worth a lot more than non-graded comics, even if they have the same grade (Poor, Fair, Mint, etc.)Check out their website for more info:

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How much is it to get a comic book cgc graded.

Have books that if they are mint could be worth hundreds, but at what cost per issue to find out?

It depends on the value of the book and how soon you want it returned. It ranges from $25 to $95 per book. Make sure to call them and check with them before sending your books in and they will go over all of it with you.

Comic books.

I have a great deal of comic books still in plastic and would like to know who would be intrested in them?

Before you try to sell them,get an Overstreets Comic Book Price Guild.It will not only tell you how to grade a comic but will give you the current market for different grades.I would not expect much unless the comics are pre-1970s editions.After you have graded them ,you then know what a fair price would be on e-bay.If you sell them to a comic book dealer expect an offer from 20% to 60% of book value , depending on condition and demand.Selling them through e-bay may take longer and you have to deal with shipping charges but you can get more of book value.If I were you I would grade and price my books then offer for sale in a newspaper before I tried e-bay or comic book dealer.That way you may sell them all at once.DO NOT let somebody cherry-pick your collection.

how do i get comic books cgc graded.

Your best bet is to go to a large comic convention – they have booths set up to appraise them.Also, there is more information on the Wizard web site – www.wizarduniverse.comGood luck!!!

How to get my comics graded.

I have a bunch of comics that I need to sell. They are OLD from the 50’s and 60’s. I have very early Batman, X-Men and Superman just to name a few.My question is, how do I get these graded? I know a lot of people have said that it is important to get them graded, but I have no idea where to do this…

There are a couple of routes you can go. Here are a few:1. Grade them yourself via assistance from the book OVERSTREET’S COMIC BOOK PRICE GUIDE.2. Have someone who is knowledgable about comic books, preferably a friend, help you.3. Take your comic books to a comic book store and ask for someone to help you. (please read my added info about this)4. Look for comic book buyers in magazines such as Comics Buyers’ Guide, Wizard, etc. There are collectors and companies that advertise in comic related trade publications.5. If you have money to spare, there is a company called Comics Guaranty Corporation, and you send in an issue, they grade it for you, put it in a protective plastic case sleeve with all grading info. While this is a “professional” way to have your comics graded, it will cost you. It’s not cheap.My first recommendation on this list is what I encourage you to do. There isn’t any reason an individual can’t grade on their own. If you can obtain this book, OVERSTREET COMICS BUYERS PRICE GUIDE, which is usually available at libraries, Waldenbooks. and other book sellers, the preface to the book has specific information on how not only to grade, but the definiton of collecting terms, how to collect, how to buy and how to sell.It is also helpful if you can find a person who is a collector, and not an employee at a comic book shop or other business. The odds are they will be very glad to help you grade.There are things to bear in mind about your comic books, and they are condition, age, and “key” story issues.Comics from the 50’s are generally considered “Golden Age” and are harder to find, especially in Very Good to Very Fine condition. Comics from the 60’s are considered “Silver Age”, and while a bit more common, these are still hard to find as most collectors don’t let them go. The comics from the 70’s to early 80’s are considered “Bronze Age”, and most comics after approximately 1982 are considered “Modern Age”.I don’t recommend taking your comic books to a comic book store. Why? There are very few people at these locations who would be honest with grading your comics properly and truthfully. It is sad, but it will be more than likely they will grade them lower than what they are worth, offer you a low amount, and then buy and later sell them elsewhere at your expense.The book I mentioned, OVERSTREET COMICS BUYERS GUIDE, is published every year, and you may find books from 2, 5, 10 years ago.Just get a copy, no matter the age, and read the info inside about collecting, grading, etc. While prices may fluctuate, try to get a copy that isn’t more than 5 years old.Lastly, I am a private collector, and you can contact me, and I will be happy to assist you in any way. I am not trying to buy your comics, I actually enjoy giving assistance with this hobby.You can go to Ebay, but you have to set up a few things, such as info, pictures, etc. If you go to a comic book store, they may buy your comics immediately, but at a fraction of what they are truly worth. I do suggest Ebay, and a lot of us who are serious collectors, often use this, but there are few good comics being offered lately. Ebay is better if you have time.I hope this helped.

how much does it cost to get my comic book graded.

what is the price for getting comic books graded

Hi, if you mean professionally graded by CGC, that would depend on service and max value of the book.You can look here to get a better idea.…Hope that helps.

How do you get a comic book graded.

I have a Thor first edition comic book. I just saw it on ebay on sale for 56,000!!! I don’t no anything about comic books. How do i find out what my comic book is graded. I’m broke and i could really use this money

ou would have to send it to a company that grades the comic, and that is about $100 to $150, but what they do is grade it and seal it, preserving its value

How to get comic books graded.

how cany i get my comic books graded?

You should go to the local comic book store and have somebody checked them over. They have the scales and stuff there.

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