How Many Books Has Mary Higgins Clark Written

Suggestions for a holiday book to read.

I have a Goodreads group that covers different genres every month or two. For November and December we will be covering Holiday books. I’ve been looking around and have a couple of ideas, but I really need help with the following categories:New/Popular: I need a holiday book that has bee released recently or...

How ab out any of these books.The Christmas Shoes (Christmas Hope Series #1) by Donna VanLiereThe Gift of the Magi by O. HenryThe Spy Who Came for Christmas by David MorrellOperation: Christmas Hearts by Kay SpringsteenSanta Cruise: A Holiday Mystery at Sea by Mary Higgins Clark and Carol Higgins ClarkStarry Night: A Christmas Novel by Debbie Macomber

How much sleep does a writer get. Is it really hard to publish a book if you were a writer.

I always wanted to be writer but i am afraid I might not get enough sleep if I wrote my stories over and over again. Plus it takes a while to become a good writer if you tried to sell your books in the bookstore.

Well – that is entirely up to the writer and how he/she sets up his/her writing schedule. Nothing is forcing them to stay up late – unless they have a deadline the next day or they are so caught up in writing out an idea, which is possible. But most of them have a set schedule that they follow.I cannot remember correctly – but I remember reading once my one favourite author, Mary Higgins Clark, was talking about the schedule she has for herself while writing a book. But, of course, she is an author who lives off of her work. Many cannot just have writing as one job.You are write – it does take a while to become a ‘good writer’ – in fact many writers remain unknown, even after they are published.I wish you loads of luck.

Free urban fiction books

Children’s book manuscript to publisher: Add picture.

I’ve written a manuscript for a children’s book, I know publishers have their own ideas on how to market a book & often are not interested in pictures/illustrations unless you yourself are an illustrator.Although I’m not bad artisically, I thought of adding a pic of my kids (with the…

Send only what they ask for now. Quite honestly, you are up against a hard enough time without complicating it.The children’s book market is the hardest of all book markets to crack. Over 40% of the market is books published by celebs like Madonna and Jamie Lee Curtis. Another 40% is established reputable children’s authors with proven track records like Eric Carle. Another 15 – 20% is reprints of children’s classics like Curious George. That leaves about 5% tops for new authors. Add to that, many adult authors like Carl Hiaasen and Mary Higgins Clark are now writing childrens books and cutting into that 5%. Also, the major companies have huge backlogs of childrens books they have purchased that are waiting to be produced. Many if not all major publishers are not reading children’s books at present – which means agents arent reading them if they have no way of selling them. It is very tough. Your book must be extremely exceptional to get through. And if it involves holidays of any kind, they just arent interested because the time frame for sales is too short..Therefore, if you find an agent or a publisher who is accepting children’s books, make sure you follow their submission guidelines to the letter. Otherwise you are just asking to be rejected. Also, publishers dont like to be told what to do so dont push your ideas on them until the ink is dry on your contract. Then they will hire an illustrator, and if you are lucky, they will ask for your input.Publishing is a business – publishers do what they have to do in order to make money. Pax- C

How much influence does gender have on someone’s writing.

I don’t remember where I heard or read this, but someone stated that women can’t write. I disagree, of course, and can name quite a few great female authors and poets; however, I can name many more great -male- authors/poets.Here’s an interesting link: …

That’s absurd that someone would say women couldn’t write. Along with the great female writer list, which I agree with, I would also add Virginia Woolf – she’s highly regarded as an author not just among females but in literary history in general. I’d also add Agatha Christie.There are some terrific modern day female authors: Toni Morrison, Maya Angelou, Sara Gruen.Other female authors that I am familiar with: Patricia Cornwell, P.D. James, Janet Evanovich, Mary Higgins Clark, etc. If women couldn’t write – they wouldn’t be major bestsellers.So whoever said that – needs their head examine pronto.

So I’m writing a book… I need some help on the chapter lengths..

I’m writing a book in Microsoft Word 2007. I know everyone says that a chapter can be as long as you like, but I just need some basics please.How many Word pages would make up a chapter book page? How many Word pages should equal a chapter?How long should a chapter be?If you can’t figure out the…

Actually – it’d be easier to figure out the pages in a chapter than the words in a chapter. Publishers will have number of word requirements for the complete, total book – they really won’t care how long or short your chapter is.Chapter length all depends on how you want to tell your story.Take fore example: James Patterson. He writes thrillers. His chapters are never (or seldom) longer than three pages, because he likes to keep the pace up.Mary Higgins Clark writes classic murder mysteries. During the sequences in the book where she is building up the story, her chapters will be longer – perhaps about five to seven pages. But when it gets to a climax her chapter length will drop down to three or less pages.J.K. Rowling always uses long chapters, because in each chapter is a different segment to the novel. She essentially tells a different story with each chapter.

Do you have a Favourite Author for the books you like to read.

what are you reading now? I read many books, magazine articles and I read the Bible daily. But I was interested in knowing what your interests are? RIght now I have 5 John Grisham books waiting for me. I read J.D.Robb by Nora Roberts, Mary higgins Clark, How about you?

Any book that tell’s a good story. It is not always the author. I might not know the author. Right now I am reading ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’ written by Philippa Gregory. Remember Anne of a Thousand Days? Mary was her younger sister. Anne married King Henry the VIII. I am sorry, I don’t mean to imply that you don’t know your history. Sometimes I am thoughtless. Forgive me please. Poppy

how many pages in a chapter should there be.

I am writing a novel and was wondering how many pages in a chapter should there be. . . .I was thinking of writing 6 or 7 pages but it seems to little. . .yet I don’t want to write to many pages either

With each author – the length of the chapters vary.James Patterson for instance has only 2-3 page chapters. Mary Higgins Clark varies her chapters throughout the book. 2-3 pages or 6-7 pages.Look at other masters of the craft and see how they do it.

How many chapters in a 200 page book.

Okay, so I’m thinking of writing a book, I know that their is no definite answer but how many chapters would roughly be in a 200 page book?And how many words per chapter? As a guess?Many thanks 🙂

With each author – the length of the chapters vary.James Patterson for instance has only 2-3 page chapters. Mary Higgins Clark varies her chapters throughout the book. 2-3 pages or 6-7 pages.If it was me, I would say about five pages a chapter. So in your case, you would have roughly 40 chapters. 🙂

I URGENTLY need info on Mary Higgins Clark, her writing style and etc. Not her bio..

any info would surely be apprecitaed. Answer A.S.A.P. Thanks a lot everyone how answered.

Mary Higgins Clark uses characterization, setting, and the cliffhanger in her style of writing suspense and mystery novels.Clark’s use of characterization is very important to her style. Clark gives the reader so much information about her characters: (such as, how they look, what they are feeling, and how they interact with other characters) that you can almost imagine the people.Chapters and chapter titles are also important in all of her books. She titles her books with names of song titles. She says all songs have a deep dark side to them just like her books.Clark uses many alternative settings in her books, flipping around from setting to setting, and this often gets a little confusing; but if you stick with it, you can follow it. She describes the settings so well that you can really feel that you are there.Clark leaves the reader with a cliffhanger quite often, leaving the reader in suspense. This makes the book really good. Something exciting is about to happen and you want to keep reading to find out how it ends.

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