How To Books For Kids

How hard is it to get a fiction book for kids/teens published for newcomers. For those who are published now, what’s good advice you have.

I love writing stories that are like the ones that kept me interested as a kid and growing up. Stephen King and Lehane are good, but adult books get too gruesome sometimes, and I always wanted to be a writer. Even if it never becomes my full time job that all I do, it is still my life dream to be a published…

As far as how to be noticed and accepted by an agent. Good luck. Others have hit it on the head. As in any other field of entertainment, (and that’s what writing really is!) it isn’t so much how good you think you are, It’s who you know who will get you noticed by those who actually matter in the industry. I liken it to standing on a street corner in Hollywood with a sign saying “I want to be a star”, versus being introduced to major industry people by a friend, or relative who happens to already be a star and is willing to vouch for your abilities!There’s a difference between being published and read and making it a full time career. If you just want to put out stories for others to read, there are lots of ways to do it. If you want to be a famous writer, that’s a different story altogether and extremely rare in the writer’s own lifetime! The number of authors who don’t have a day job are few and far between. For most it is a passion and an enjoyment rather than an occupation.I don t think I know any who went to college to become a story writer, although some have said they took courses to IMPROVE their writing. There are some who have journalism degrees, but that is for news reporting rather than fictional story writing. (Although I have seen some “headline stories” that were mostly more fiction than fact!)

A How to… Book.

So I need an idea to make a How to… book.It had to be a worst case scenario though.Like how to get out of something like for example.How to avoid Grammy kisses, or How to stay up later then your curfew. Stuff like that, for little kids.

Look at the series of books “****** for Dummies” and make something like that. Use some silly illustrations, change up the fonts for headings, special notes/ideas, etc.Sounds like fun. Or, maybe format it like one of those smaller books – like 2″ x 3″ that are by the check out register in the book store?Be sure to look thru the new “Dangerous Book for Boys” so you do NOT copy anything from there. You don’t want your work stopped by a lawsuit before you’re even done. Free vampire books

How to find auditions for kids.

I’m 13 year old, I was wondering where I could find a list of auditions for kids

look around you for community theater and student and ind. film auditions, their open calls a parentcan get you on. for professional auditions, you will need to be in the right place and have the proper agent. they aren’t open calls you will know about on your own. look in your phone book for community theaters. any college near you that has film programs will have student films being made. look in theclassifieds of your newspaper for ind. film auditions. or if your in the right place you can look in one of the acting trade magazines like VARIETY,HOLLYWOOD REPORTER or BACKSTAGE. open calls are listed in them. you will need to keep checking to see when things are coming up that fit your ageand acting skill.

What do you wish there was a how-to book for.

For my English class we have to make an instruction manual/how-to book for something that doesn’t already have something like that for it already. Does anyone have any ideas about what I should make one for?

I wish there was a book for how to make fairy and pixie houses. My kids want to make them and they would like a book of ideas, lots of pictures, on materials, tips for making things hold together, how to build furniture, gardens, etc…they have pretty good imaginations but construction is an issue.

Romeo and Juliet into a picture book for kids. How to change the ending.

How should i change Romro and Juliet to a kids version?What happends to Paris?Romeo?Juliet?

Well, you can’t really change the ending of it or it won’t be Romeo and Juliet anymore. And Romeo and Juliet isn’t really a kids book.

How to write a book for kids.

I have to do a science assignment which involves writing a book about rocks and its cycle to 2nd-3rd graders. My teacher will read it to little kids and see what they think. I need to know how to make it spontaneous, creative and great enough to get an A. Any ideas on what I should do?

Not an idea really, but make sure you don’t talk down to the kids in a preaching “I am an adult you are children and thus below me” kind of way. Have a narrating voice that level with them and could be either in the form of a child or even the object that you are discussing(rocks?).

government book for kids.

i have to make a government book for kids about the 3 branches what should the theme be?!?

Please read and study the Constitution of the United States of America and make the most accurate and meaningful book for kids you possibly can create. You could very well have an opportunity of a lifetime if you do accurate and truthful research. Your book could very well be published and your future could be made through your creation. If it were adopted as a standard school book for the entire public school system just think how important you will become for the rest of your life.Opportunity is knocking on your door and you can do it. Do the very best you can. We have faith in your ability that you can get this job done well.

Can anyone give me any ideas on how to put together a recipe book for kids.

i have only a few weeks to put together a recipe book for kids. I need this for my oral presentation in my sociology of parenting class HELP!!!! this book should content a table of contents and be easy to read for kids who are old enough to make simple recipes to cook or prepare like simple finger foods or main…

there are some cute ones at barnes and nobles, i’m sure u can find some easy ones online :). go to the library, photo copy some or just re type them on the comp. also, try construction paper, use brightly colored ones and, maybe u can print out the text from the computer with some cute icons or pictures…. cut it out so that it is smaller than the construction paper…u can buy those thumbtack things (at michael’s or craft store) or tab things after u hole punch the papers together, and it will stay together like a book.good luck!

anyone know of any good “how to draw horses” books (not for kids).

does ne one know of any good books that show you how to draw or paint horses but that isnt meant for little kids? i am pretty good artist but i need something to help me, but i dont need the “draw a cone, draw a circle, you can do it, good job everyone!” kind lol! like more serious or meant for adults…

There were a couple of horse books in that large format series done back in the 1970’s that you can still find at art stores, but they didn’t really teach you anything.What’s easier is to go online and research horse pictures, and look at proportion and size–how long is the head compared to the neck, where is the eye placed on the head between the ear and the nose, how far down do the cheeks drop on the head in profile, how long are the ‘ankles’, do the hooves go further than 1/2 way forward from the vertical line of the leg when the horse is solidly standing, is the chin carried above or below the line of the back when galloping, etc.Looking at the real thing, and seeing proportion then visualizing it in 3-D for shading, can help you get a handle on drawing them realistically.You can also find some tutorials online, just google ‘horse sketching tutorial’ or horse drawing tutorial, etc.

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