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How to write a book dedication.

I am a student teacher and this is my last week in the classroom. I am going to do a project with the students where they each write a page about themselves (in the style of The Important Book), and then I am going to bind it into a book. I want to put a dedication page in the front, but I am not sure how to word...

“This book is dedicated to the students in (teacher’s name)’s second grade class at (school’s name) who taught me just as much as I taught them during the first semester of the 2011 – 2012 school year.”Or figure out another way to include the date..

i want to write a book.

I’m in the 8th grade and I really want to write a book.I know i’m young but any steps that i should follow to writing this book.I can’t think of a title.

When you write a book there really isn’t official “steps” to go through lol. Just whatever works for you.I’m in 8th grade , and I’m writing a book too!Here’s my advice (just stuff base on experience):-Really flesh out your plot before you start writing. With my first book in my series, I just made the story up as I went along. While editing, I found major plotholes, and other errors. With the second book, I made up a little outline, and wrote a general summary of what was going to happen with each chapter. I’m in the middle of writing it now, and I now realize that having some sort of plan is a lot easier.-Don’t think about publishing when you’re writing. Make the story be how you want it to be. Many successful authors (Ex. Stephenie Meyer and J.K. Rowling) say that they never really thought about publishing, and they were making the story just for their own enjoyment.-Once you finish, don’t look at it again for awhile (like a month). If you go back to it later, you find little mistakes you wouldn’t have caught earlier.-Also, be prepared to edit and rewrite. You should go back and check for the obvious stuff like spelling and grammar. But you should also, check for things like cliches, mary-sue characters plotholes etc.-You really don’t need to pick out your title at the beginning. You can wait until you really understand and know what your book is going to be about. Once it’s done, you might be able to use a meaningful quote from the book.-Once you are 100% sure that everything is as best as it can be then you can think about publishing. I’m at that stage now, and I think it’s probably the hardest part of writing a book. It’s kind of a complicated process and you learn as you go along. I’ve figured there’s two basic ways to be published:Self-publishing: Basically you pay a company to publish your book for you. I’ve heard this isn’t the best method because you have to do most of the marketing work on your own and you won’t get much sales. However, it’s an easy way to see your book in print.Traditional Publishing: This one is more complicated,but more rewarding. With this kind of publishing, a real publishing company accepts your book and you get paid by them. However, this way is harder and you usually have to have a literary agent for most publishers to accept you. Literary agents are hard to get, but they can really help you find the right publisher.I know it seems like a lot, but like I said, you kind of learn as you go along. I hope this helped!Good luck, and if you have any questions, message me!:D

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How do you write a book.

I want to write a book, but I need to know what you needto write one, and HOW to write onePlease tell me everything there is to know about writing booksThx!

Depends, are you writing non-fiction or fiction? Think about the reasons why you want to write the book. Everyone who wants to write a book starts in a different place. Some start with a witty title they came up with, others with a character, or a particular event, or a place. Tolkien, for example, randomly made up the race of hobbits one day while grading student papers, and look what that turned into!J.K. Rowling started with Harry Potter himself, fully formed, and then thought, “where did he come from? who are his parents?” and the ball was rolling.Susanna Kaysen wrote “Girl, Interrupted,” which is a compelling true story about her own life. In the movie, Susanna keeps a journal, writing down her observations about life and the people around her, and certain things people say that make an impression on her. Nothing things down about life that have an effect on you is the best place to start for some people.Ultimately, you have to figure out the best starting point for you, and the best way to do that is to really consider why you want to do this. It’s a LOT of work. I’m thinking about giving up myself… =(

does any one know how to write a book report….

does any1 know how 2 write a book report.i hav to do my report on 2 books:(i)flight of the doves by walter macken(ii) achill adventure by arthur flynni never red these books befor and i was ment to plz help.

Read the books first of all… ???Second write a short paragraph for each of the chapters…What grade are you in? I mean seriously? I remember doing book reports in 4th Grade.Ask a better question next time, smarty.

first grade pattern book.

I need to go to my kids school tommorow and we have to write a comparision book about how my kindergarten was to how my kids kindergarten was . Now he is in first grade . This is going to be a pattern book . Any ideas about these kinds of books .

just think back and talk to your kid about it.Ask him what hes learning and think about what you have learned in the pass…

How to write Teen books.

I’m 13 and my dream is to write a book. I have been writing since the 4th grade. i love to write realistic fiction about teen situations. Please help with some more ideas to write about?Thankss!

im 14 and i love writing, i have wrote multiple stories varying from historical fiction, to mysteries. although only my friends have seen my stories we all obess over them. my first story i finished was in 6th grade and i basically just embellished off of my life. write about your life but create more details and more drama.

How to write a book.

Ever since I was a kid I was always a good writer. The superintendent saw potential in me so I was skipped up a grade level. My English teachers always enjoyed reading my essays and book reports. I’m kinda tired of reading other peoples books. I want to write my own book so people can enjoy my writing. Btw I…

Several things:1) Write the sort of book you would want to read. When you go to the library, what sort of book are you looking for? Is there one you never seem to find that you really want to read? Write that one.2) Use descriptive language. Set the scene in such a way that the reader sees vividly what the characters see and hears what they hear and feels what they feel.3) Write what you know. Very often I see questions from people asking for details about professions or courses of action they know nothing about. It is hard to write realistically about someone who is a smoke jumper (fights forest fires) if you live in a desert climate and have never even see a forest.4) Use experts. Even if you do know a topic, there might be some things that come into the story that you don’t know about. Let’s say one of your characters ends up in jail – you may want to go and talk to a bail bondsman about how the process of posting bail works, etc. Always acknowledge, in the credits, people who helped you.5) Write a manuscript and submit it. If it gets rejected, submit it to another publisher. And again and again. The lady who wrote the book The Help had that story rejected *sixty* times before she found a publisher. You can bet those sixty publishers are kicking themselves now!Wishing you well in your writing adventures!

How Do you Write a book report.

i am home schooled in 6th grade and never written a book report and idk how to write one HELP ME!

The format for a book report varies from teacher to teacher. Sometimes they’ll ask for a summary fo the book, and other times they’ll ask for an opinion of a part of the book. Your best bet is to ask your teacher what the requirements are for this one.

How to write a book in 8th grade.

I’m in 8th grade and I have this really great story that I want to write but I’m not that good with complete sentences and any help will be appreciated

If you want to be a good writer, first you have to read. The more you read, the more skilled and natural your ability to use language will become. Try to find books that are like the book you want to write (same genre), and read as many as you can.

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