How Many Ian Fleming James Bond Books

POLL: How do you feel about Stephen King’s books and Why.

Personally, I dislike them. After having reading The Shining and Carrie I really felt like puking. The predictability and the dryness of the novels were incredibly nauseating to me.Yes, the movies were wonderful. But his writing is clearly not (again, in my opinion).What do you all feel?

A lot of popular authors are either repetitive or dull, and sometimes both. Dean Koontz, Tom Clancy, John Sandford, etc… use common plot devices in their stories. Ian Fleming, author of the James Bond books, was known as being an extremely dull read for most people. Tolstoy, Victor Hugo, and Herman Wouk are also known for being excessively wordy. Yet their books are very popular.If you enjoy the story, you’ll enjoy (or at least not mind) the inane and useless details. I have not read very many Stephen King books, but I loved the few I did (The Stand, Cell, one other one I can’t think of).

For All James Bond Fans out there-A survey.

1.What is your Top 5 fav 007 movies?2.Who is your favorite 007 actor?3.Who is your favorite Bond girl from a movie?4.What is your favorite Bond trademark?(e.g. womanizer, vodka martini shaken not stirred, Aston Martin DB5)5.If you’ve read any, what is your favorite Ian Fleming book?6.Who is your…

1. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, A view To Kill, Licence To Kill,The World Is Not Enough, Die Another Day.2. Pierce Brosnan.3. Teresa(tracy)4. Bondmobile.5. -6.Octopussy.7. A man.8. Recast because I miss him9. His Walther PPK10. All.11. B12. Madonna’s Die another Day13. …okay14. The first one, Dr. No15. 6/10. I like the movies but I’m not obsessed. Kindle prime

What will be the name of the next James Bond film.

I’m trying to figure out how many names are even left for the James Bond series, I’m a bond fan but they shouldn’t drag it out all the way until 2050!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

An AP report says that it will be called Quantum Of Solace, which doesn’t sound much like a James Bond title to me.They ran out of titles a while ago, while Roger Moore was Bond. They made up their own titles. There were two other authors who were chosen by the Ian Fleming estate to continue the series of novels, and some of those titles have ended up as titles of movies. However, with a few exceptions, the plots of the movies are quite dissimilar from the plots of the books, even when they have the same title, so it doesn’t matter that much.The one exception to that trend was Casino Royale. Ian Fleming’s literay agent sold that one to television, and in the contract, there was something about the producer being allowed to make a movie of that book. The rights to the rest of the books went to Albert Broccoli and Harry Saltzman, the pair who made the Bond films that we think of. However, the people who did the television version of Casino Royale got in line with another studio to do a satire of spy films, which they called Casino Royale. Whereas the book has James Bond as a young spy, in the 1967 movie of Casino Royale, he is an old spy who is ready to retire. He was played by David Niven, whom Ian Fleming thought of as the ideal actor to play James Bond. (The 1967 film had ten writers and five directors, which tells you that they never had a decent idea of what they were doing with that film. However, since they kept changing directors, somebody must have had the idea that whatever they were doing wasn’t working very well.) Anyway, they had to wait for the rights to the title to revert to the Ian Fleming estate before the real James Bond series could use the title. (The other oddity was Never Say Never Again, which was based on an early draft for Thunderball. It, too, was done by producers other than those who worked on the general James Bond series, but it was more in keeping with the James Bond movies we know. In fact, to play the part of James Bond, they got Sean Connery, who had left the series more than a decade earlier.)

How many titles of books can you name that have become movies.

I can name 6Twilight by Stephanie MeyerChronicles of Narnia by C.S. LewisThe Notebook by Nicholas SparksHarry Potter by J.R.R. TolkienA Walk to Remember by Nicholas SparksEye of the Needle by Ken FollettHow many can you list?

Twilight by Stephanie MeyerHarry Potter and the philosopher’s Stone by JK Rowling you get the author wrong thats the author of lord of the ringsHarry Potter and the chamber of secrets by JK RowlingHarry Potter and the prizoner of azkaban by JK RowlingHarry Potter and the goblet of fire by JK RowlingHarry Potter and the order of the phoenix by JK RowlingHarry Potter and the halfblood Prince by JK RowlingMy Sister’s Keeper by Jodi PicoultWaterhorse: Legend of the deep by EB WhiteBabe by EB WhiteChalottes Web by EB WhiteThe Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa GregoryThe Spiderwick Chronicles by Tony DiTerlizziLord of the Rings 1 by JRR TolkienLord of the rings 2 by JRR TolkienLord of the rings by JRR TolkienFive Children and IT by Edith NesbitThe Lion the witch and the wardrobe by CS Lewis has been made twce both by BBC and the 05 versionPrince Caspian by bothVOyage of the daen treader from BBCThe Silver Chair from BBCThe Sisterhood of the travelling pants 1The Sisterhood of the travelling pants 2 is being made and is meant to be outl ike next year or somethingThe Horse WhispererBlack BeautyThe Little PrincessAlice in WonderlandCindrellaSnow WhiteSleeping BeautyAll 22 James bond movies I’m including the new one, the Quantum of Solace in there it isnt widely known but my brother who is like an expert on Bond and Ian Fleming says it was one of Flemings published short storiesChitty Chitty Bang Bang by Ian FlemingThe Secret gardenAnne of AvonleaAnne of green gables (my mum LOVES both movies)Matilda by Roald DahlCharlie and the chocolate factory by Roald DahlBridge to TerabithiaBecause of Winn DixieThe Cat in the hat by Dr SeussDanny the champion of the world by Roald DahlHarriet the spyHoles by Louis Sachar hate the book we had to do a book report on it earlier in the year ahhhhh!!!The Indian in the cupboard. Remember being obsessed with the book and the movie when I was young and trying my best to make my dollshouse toys come to life.The Jungle Book by Ruyard KiplingLittle Women by Louisa Mat AlcottThe Neverending Story my Mum was apparently obsessed with that as a kid in the 70’s or something.pippi Longstocking, trist me I’ve read it AND seen the movie Good ol Pippi damn now I feel like reading it againThe Prnicess Diaries by Meg CabotAnimal Farm byGeorge OrwellStuart Little by EB WhiteThe Storm Boy by Colin Thiele (its an australian movie) my grandma loves it, I find it quite boring actually its about a boy who becomes best friends with a pelican its meant to be sad and heartwarming but I just find it boring.Treasure IslandWinnie the pooh by AA Milne even at 14 I cant get enough of the hundred acre wood, I love the books too. My fave is tigger whats yours?The Wind in the willows by Kenneth Grahame (my dads fave)The Witches by Roald DahlThe Wonderful Wizard of OZThe Diary of Anne FrankRabbit Proof Fence, its about three aboriginal girls that are taken by the governement from their homes to a settlement 1500 miles away but they escape and walk all the way home its a true story in the 30’s and its soooo sad.Well thats all I can do.Damn now I feel like reading Winnie the pooh and Pippi Longstocking.

Is this a real Ian Fleming signature.

I was at a yard sale and I found one of his James Bond books, moonraker.I looked in the book, and I found a signature of Ian FlemingAnd I also did some research: he never signed on the title page (like in my book)This is the original 1955 copy, American editionSo is it possible that it’s real? And…

It doesn’t appear to be authentic. Here is a verified Ian Fleming signature:…There is almost no similarity between the two signatures. Notice how thin the letter I in Ian is – your I looks more like an S. Your F in Fleming is much more print like – notice how Fleming’s F is much more cursive style. The n’s in both Ian and Fleming are nearly identical – like a U, whereas in your signature they are more like Ms – and notice how the N in Ian is angled to the right, but is straight on in Fleming. The Gs are not similar at all.Sorry if this isn’t great news – and I don’t claim to be an expert. You might want to go one day to a rare book dealer and just take your book – they probably would give you a price estimate. I wouldn’t pay someone to authenticate the signature – there’s just too many problems and I think you would be throwing your money away.Even if they were signed ten years apart (he died in 1964) that wouldn’t explain large variation. The reality is that Fleming didn’t sign a lot of books, so he signature is relatively uncommon. My guess is this is a bad forgery – you can try to find other examples of authentic Fleming signatures and compare.…As far as value goes – it depends on condition and whether or not you have the dust jacket. If you had the dust jacket and it was in great condition, a MacMillan first printing could be worth a couple of thousand (the UK Johnathan Cape first edition is worth about ten times as much). However, because there’s a forged signature, without a dust jacket – it might not be worth anything – or up to a couple of hundred dollars – depending on condition.

How many Bond movies are actually based on Flemmings books.

I remember hearing something like Casino Royale was the first one based on one of his books.But is that true? were all of em based on books by the same name?Which were and which werent?

Casino RoyaleLive and Let DieMoonrakerDiamonds Are ForeverFrom Russia with LoveDr. NoGoldfingerFor Your Eyes OnlyThunderballThe Spy Who Loved MeOn Her Majesty’s Secret ServiceYou Only Live TwiceThe Man with the Golden GunOctopussyThe Living DaylightsSome of these are not novels but short stories published as part of a collection. Ian Fleming died in 1964 so some of these were published posthumously and that led to the rumor that they are not original Fleming works. In all Fleming wrote twelve novels and nine short stories featuring James Bond and some of the material was used in the “non-Fleming” movies.Thunderball was used as the basis for two movies, Thunderball (Duh!) and Never Say Never Again.

James Bond…………………………

How come James Bonds arch enemy Ernest Stavro Blofeld was not featured in any movies in between Diamonds are Forver and For Yor Eyes Only. Where did he go? What happaned to him?

There was lawsuit between one of the original writers of Thunderball and the producers of the James Bond films along with the Ian Fleming estate. This lawsuit happened in between Man With the Golden Gun and The Spy Who Loved Me. Originally The Spy Who Loved Me was suppose to have Blofeld in it, but the producers lost the lawsuit and they had to change the villain’s name at the last second, but the Blofeld attitude was still there. Many consider there to be a second (unofficial) Blofeld trilogy: The Spy Who Loved Me, Moonraker, and For Your Eyes Only; all three movies having baddies who are clearly Blofeld but are called by a different name and in the case of For Your Eyes Only, they never say his name.Also because of this lawsuit, that’s why Never Say Never Again (a remake of Thunderball) was made.P.S.- Rumor has it Blofeld is going to make his return in the next Daniel Craig Bond film. I hope this new incarnation of Blofeld will be as classy and as intimidating as the made Le Chiffre in Casino Royale, and not like some cracked out little troll like they did with Quantum of Solace. Also on a side note I hope Quantum isn’t the real name of the organization, that would be so stupid and insulting to fans of the James Bond films and books.

how many james bond books are there. 15.

Only 12 books, as well as several short stories were actually written by Ian Fleming. However, many other authors have continued writing James Bond books. Here is a listing of these books:…

How many James Bond novels did Ian Fleming write. Can you name them.

12 novels and two short story collections.1953 Casino Royale1954 Live and Let Die1955 Moonraker1956 Diamonds Are Forever1957 From Russia with Love1958 Dr. No1959 Goldfinger1960 For Your Eyes Only – short stories1961 Thunderball1962 The Spy Who Loved Me1963 On Her Majesty’s Secret Service1964 You Only Live Twice1965 The Man with the Golden Gun1966 Octopussy and The Living Daylights – short storiesFleming died in 1964, and “The Man with the Golden Gun” may not have been finished before his death; it certainly wasn’t prepared for publication or edited by that time. That book and the final short story collection (from Fleming’s unused notes and ideas) were published posthumously.

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