How To Preserve Antique Books

looking to preserve World War one metal and book any suggestions .

I have a World War 1 Army metal and book that was signed by the author that belonged to my great grandfather.I cant seem to find a preserver online . I want to preserve it and put it in a frame. any suggestions ? thanks!

For the medal, do not polish it keep both out of sunlight and avoid touching them with bare hands. Use cotton gloves to handle both. AS to how to preserve them further contact a local antique shop that you know has a good reputation. I find it hard that I have to say this but look in the phone book for preservationists. SOmetimes the internet is a great tool but sometimes going “Old School” just works better.

What’s an antique.

How old does a book have to be to be an antique? I have a couple really old books. And I don’t know if there are worth anything. HELP!!!

Personally, I would consider a book to be antique only if it’s more than a 100 years old – if it’s a first edition. Quite frankly, that might make it only a rare book. An antique might be an extant copy of Plato, for instance. However, a rare book can be worth quite a bit of money. To help you find out how much your books are worth, try: You can also search some rare/used book stores online to see if they have any books similar to yours and how much money the seller wants: or or or or would be good starts.From”Book is a collection of papers/pages which depict/denote words, sentences, photos, making a meaningful organized data or information. An antique book is the one which is very old like the original epics of RAMAYANA, GITA, or the BIBLE. These books have stood the test of time and still preserved as asset. These are mainly spiritual books or the compilation of scientific or philosophical brainstorming. These antiques books also have among themselves war stories and strategies employed by various kingdoms. In some we can find reflection of lifestyles and leisure of that particular era. An antique book is also referred to the book or guide/book containing information about antiques. Antique is/are the objects or articles/commodities or pieces of arts, which are more than a hundred years old. These articles are considered as old-fashioned. Antique is a Latin word that denotes old. The age of the object makes it unique and this uniqueness is thus termed as invaluable by the collectors of these historical objects. The commercial value and scope of these articles, is immense. The collection of these articles by a selected few people in the world, and even the government and states, have made this a unique industry, though it is not termed as formal industry but if the amount of money involved in transaction of procuring the antiques can be considerd, then it may even leave many industrial segments way behind.”

Confidence ebooks

Antique Books-How do I mend the separated spines.

The books are from Great-Great Grandfather and they are dated from the 1700s..they have become separated. Is there a special tape or glue I should use?any info. welcome 🙂

If they are worth a lot of money, it would preserve the value to have a restoration expert do it for you. If they are just of sentimental value, use an archival, acid free, non-yellowing bookbinders glue so as not to damage the books.

how do I build a cabinet for storing antiques.

Look for materials that cabinets must be made out of to preserve antique clothing.

Depending on the size of the cabinet, you can use premade panels in various widths and lengths. These panels are smaller board widths laminated together to form a much wider solid lumber. After determining the design of the cabinet, you can attach aromatic cedar to the inside to preserve clothing, blankets or other fabrics against moths or any other bugs that can destroy them. Lumber or home improvement stores often have books that contain plans and cutting lists that are extremely helpful in the building of a wide variety of different cabinets or chests. Good luck, and it really isn’t that difficult with the plans that I mentioned earlier. I am a cabinet builder, feel free to ask me anything if you get stuck.

Antique Book Repair.

I have a copy of Poe’s Best Tales, published in 1924 by the ‘modern library publishing co.’ There is a tear in the title page that goes about 1/4 of the way across the page. I’m not sure if I should leave this damage there or tape it. The tear is new and I’d like to preserve the book, but tape…

Here is a link to follow on how to repair tears and other damage to antique books so they won’t lose value.…

How to care for antique books.

I have a few antique and vintage books and was wondering how to keep them preserved. I have read that it is best to store them in archive dust jackets but where would I get those? And is it okay if they are stored in a wooden book shelf standing up? If they begin to smell oddly, do I do something with them? I heard…

the best way to store old books is to keep them dry.

How to preserve a very old book.

Among my parent’s curiosities, I found a very old book with a parchment cover. Its dated September 1758. Its in incredibly condition but we don’t want to touch it too much. Its such a neat treasure and I want to make sure it stays healthy and complete.Where should I place the book? My parents had it in…

I would consult with an antique book dealer. They can best advise as to exactly what this book is and it’s value. They can also tell you if the book need any conservation done at this time to prevent any deterioration of the book. It is important to remember with anything this old that you can be considered only a temporary steward of this item. Could you tell me what the book is? I’m curious.

How do I protect my antique book.

I have an old antique book that may be somewhat valuable, but I don’t know how best to preserve it for future generations. It’s from my grandfather and currently has no protection. Thanks!

Go to a very good art supply store or look online for archival materials. Old paper has acid in it which causes “foxing” or brown spots which eventually deteriorates the paper. There are certain papers you can insert temporarily that will absorb the acids and protect the paper from future decay. If the spine is damaged or the cover is, you need to have a restorer fix that. They used animal based glues which tend to break down. A good restorer can repair it. Keep it out of light, away from dampness and extreme temps and dont keep it in plastic. Pax – C.

How do I preserve and display an antique book.

I have an antique Bible (1818) that’s a family heirloom.I’ve always kept it on my bookshelf so my family and I could see it.Unfortunately, it’s in rough shape. The leather cover is falling off, it’s a dust magnet, and I fear that leaving it exposed to the open air every day isn’t…

It sounds like this book has a lot of personal and sentimental value, so cost isn’t as much of an issue as it ordinarily might me. This document should prove helpful. The bulk of it comprises a DIY solution, showing you how to make your own custom book box. However, at the end, there are a few links to directories of people who can make a custom box for you:…These people may be able to help you: manufacture a series of boxes custom-designed for specific modern 1st editions, so you probably won’t find a specific box which works for you, but someone from that site should be able to point you to a reliable 3rd party, if you have no success with the 1st link.Good luck!

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