How Many Books Did Hg Wells Write

Classic Books/ Must Reads.

Hey Everyone,I’m trying to begin to read more often, since their is so much that can be learned from books. I’m in Grade 11, and I’m really interested in Classics and must read books. I kinda wanted to start almost a general discussion about books that just have to be read. I’m currently…

Nick, I have one thing to say: don’t refuse to read the Odyssey if you dislike the Iliad. The Iliad, in my opinion, is much worse than the Odyssey. All that the Iliad consists of is “Person X, son of x2, son of x3 killed person y, whose father, y2, did that and this, and this angered Agamemnon/Menelaus/Paris/Hector, and they released their rage upon person X in this and that way.”The Odyssey, however, is actually varied, and displays the cunning of Odysseus in varied situations.Books you should definitely read:-Dystopian fiction: A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess, 1984 by George Orwell, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, etc. NOT things like the Hunger Games-Books by Kurt Vonnegut. His writing style is remarkably original, even forty years after his books were written. I recommend starting with Breakfast of Champions.-Classics by modernist writers: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce (if you feel skilled enough).EDIT: HG Wells would be a good author to read, as someone mentioned above. I do not see how he is in any way a challenge, though. Don’t be scared by that, his works are not very hard to read, or at least they shouldn’t be for someone in eleventh grade. I read them around eighth grade. Also, add to that novels by Isaac Asimov. You can start off with the book I,Robot, off of which the Will Smith movie was based. It is also a modern classic, just like many other novels by Asimov.EDIT II: If you want, email me through Y!A, I will give you a list of ten books that I think that you should read.

What do you think of my essay so far.

What do you think of my essay so far and how do you think i can finish off the bottom paragraph?In the novel War Of The Worlds by H.G. Wells there is a usage of imagery to create an atmosphere of science versus religion. These messages come across throughout the novel through the aliens evolutionary progress…

Grammar & spelling (for example its “their” not there for their own bodies); there are also some sentences with too many dependent clauses that make reading difficult and the sentence twists around in the first paragraph. They will be more forceful if you break them up and tighten then up. You also need a few commas placed (you may have those but just not typed them). You can also jsu refer to HG Wells as “Wells” after the first sentence. Grammar : “Wells EXPRESSES (Or EXPRESSED) this (usually you should not use “this” as a reader will ask “what This”?) through THE imagery used to describe the martians. (“This line is take out from the book ” is awkward and pretty much unneccessary). Here the narrator describes what the martians look like and how they have developed over the years: etc etcKeep up the work! Read it out loud–that also helps. Free urban books app

I’m a new to chemistry. Is this right.

Without balancing, do these reactants yield these products?a) Al(s) + CuSO4(aq) → Cu(s) + Al2(SO4)3(aq)b) Hg(s) + AlBr3(aq) → Al(s) + HgBr2(aq)c) Zn(s) + H2SO4 (aq) → H2(s) + ZnSO4(aq)d) Ca(s) + MgBr2(aq) → Na(s) + CaBr2(aq)e) Cu(s) + AlCl3 → no reactionf) Cl2(aq) + NaI(aq) → Na(s) + ClI(aq)g)…

Well , Mya. For 50/50 chances, you aren’t all that bad, with the exception of (d) and (f). Other flubs, hydrogen is a gas. In order:a- possibleb- probably notc- any day of the week and twice on Sundaye- you got itg- YesHow do I know these things? I cheat, of course. And you can too. Go to the back of your book and look at the electrochemical series. It lists many redox type equations, and will give you a ROUGH guide as to the tendency of one metal to displace another. It is not perfect, since there are concentration effects (some ionic compounds have limited solubility, and the equations are written for 1 Molar solutions).

Does my story sound like Hunger Games…

3000 years have passed since the fall of all nations except 6 and those 6 nations made a new nation called Caracas.They evenly split the continents into their 6 countries and have control of everythingUSA is now in south AmericaCanada is in all of north AmericaAustralia is where it always has beenAfrrica…

Admittedly it’s not an identical plot line but the fact that you’re asking this question speaks for itself: if you, the creator, have concerns about this, then hands-down the readers, who have no obligation to like or respect your story until you’ve earned it from them, will definitely be raising questions about it.The brutal, honest truth?Alter the story dramatically or scrap it altogether. Although you haven’t technically plagiarized, I’d say it’s too similar to make its own stand in the writing world.

Worried about themes in book.

I’ve been writing a book for a few weeks now. I had my friend review it, and she said it seemed to have underlying themes.The back story is: the story is set in the future, 75 years after an unspecified world collapse. The world has re-built, but has split into groups. One group is a has become very highly…

It is a pretty common story theme; from Plato, to HG Wells, George Orwell, Gene Roddenberry. Your groups are based on ideals or stereotypes of political/religions groups. Whether you intend it or not people are going to associate the stereotypes with them, and some people will think your book is a political statement. If you can come up with a very clever plot twist or several major elements for each group that do not fall into common stereotypes then you can make the story your own.*Do not* be discouraged that it is often used. It has been a story theme for over two thousand years and there’s still plenty of room for good stories in the genre.Check out… It has some examples of utopian/distopian literature. You can see how some people used it to promote political ideas, while for others it’s just a plot element.Happy writing!

How many other people think that if Dems stay in control, we won’t be seeing a star trek future.

But we’ll get real good at forming cow sh*t patties for heating and cooking?

No. More like HG Wells…In H. G. Well’s “The Time Machine,” a time traveler was launched to a future date and was met by a curious civilization – the Eloi. They had no currency, no monetary system, no written language, and no apparent industry. They walked about in a semi hypnotic state. There was no regard for history or books.The magical sound of a siren placed the Eloi under a submissive spell. They would march in lockstep to their own demise. In this depiction, Wells suggests a metaphor by which the spell cast by the siren’s noise is equivalent to a spell binding leader’s voice [Obama?]. An orator with a perfectly cadenced delivery before swooning throngs. Are these similarities beginning to resonate? Then the siren ends and a door slams shut, and the older ones [who were attracted first] are never seen again, consumed by grotesque underground creatures called the Morlocks, who, curiously, represent government.

Chemistry; Please help with moles.

How many moles of Hg (l) are contained in 100mL of Hg (l) ? (d = 13.6g / mL)I got the answer 7 mol, but the answer key says 6.78 mol .. isn’t it supposed to be 1 sig fig because of 100mL?

The short answer is no, it’s not. The number you were given (100 mL) is a quantitative measurement, something identified with an instrument. In this case probably a graduated cylinder. Any number given you in a question, or that you measure with an instrument, is considered to be significant. That means all the digits are sig figs. Think of it this way, if the 100 mL was a number with only one sig fig, then the real ammount could be any number from 51mL to 149 mL that was rounded to one sig fig becasue of an uncertainty in the measurement. You know that’s not the case, because either it was a given measure, or a value you measured with an instrument yourself. I know it’s complicated, I hope this helps.Haha, I read the silly comment from the other poster after I first wrote this, and I have attached a link from a reputable source to help you. It says “If a zero represents a measured quantity, it is a significant figure. If it merely locates the decimal point, it is not a significant figure”. Which the people who wrote your text book knew as well. Many people who don’t actually do chemistry get confused on this point, because the simple rules they were taught in highschool are that leading zero’s are NEVER significant. The reason this question (and there are many like it in first year chemistry) is so tricky is that they ARE, when they are from a measured value. Good luck.

What to do for the plot of my novel for book report.

I am confused about the meaning of plot and am not sure how many words should i write for my plot. What all should i write in the plot?the book is the war of the worlds by hg wells.

Write the general info on where the story happens, who are the main characters and how the story begins. You can tell that aliens invade and start shooting people with lasers. But don’t tell how the aliens die.

how do you write about “how did the author’s environment affect what he/she wrote.”.

give an example using a book, so it can help me to answer this question with my book. thank u.

A good example to use is 1984, which was written in 1948-49. Wells was in post WWII Britain and he was concerned about the rise of socialism and the increasing control by the government through ministries. So he flipped 48 into 84 to predict where the government was going and how they used war as a means to gain control over free speech and many other freesdoms and “modernizations.” War had given the government many new powers so “WAR IS PEACE” and other oxymoronic phrases became a major theme of the book.Similarly the Lord of the Rings series was written by Tolkien around the time of the First World War. There are many allegories in the book comparing various races and people to people within Great Britain and the hobbits being view as simple country folk who are pressed into the great war of their age. An allegory is basically a story which parallels something that is real but can be understood in a different way.So you need to find out what was going on at the time that a particular book was written and find out how it is reflected in the book. Of course how it affected the writer is pretty speculative.Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged would work, as would many books by HG Wells…

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