How To Get Books On Kindle

how do you get books on your kindle.

I am probably going to get one for my birthday which is coming up and I want to make a list of books to get and get the prices how should I do that?

Both free and for-purchase ebooks are available for the Kindle.The sites listed here have only free ebook downloads:…The sites listed here have both free and for-purchase ebooks:…Also, if you master a good conversion tool such as Calibre,’ll gain access to more formats (such as EPUB) than just Kindle’s native ebook file formats (AZW, MOBI).

How do i get more books on kindle.

I have the Kindle app on my macbook, and it only has three boring books. i wanna know how to get more, so i can actually read stuff.someone help? 🙂

Well, you could buy more Kindle books from Amazon.Or eBooks from any other store.Or find them online – Project Gutenberg has a load of out-of-copyright books that can be downloaded free. Used books free shipping

How can I get books on my kindle.

I just got my kindle an I have school on Monday, so I wanted to get the book called matched. I pressed buy an then my mom had to put in her amazon info, and I thought it had worked. I checked my book category and all I had was dictionary’s. we bought the book but we have no clue what went wrong. The book is not…

Have you checked the Cloud content? Supposed any purchased books in your Amazon account are in the cloud. See the section “Downloading Content From the Cloud to Your Device” for details: next time you can use your computer to get books to your Amazon account, and those purchased books will be in Cloud tab available to download for your Kindle as well.

How do I get free books on my kindle.

I searched on YahooAnswers and saw a lot of people asking where to get free books from for the kindle. There were a lot of websites suggested that have free books. My question is, how do you get these on your kindle?? I went to the kindle store and wasn’t able to sort by price (which was another suggestion). Do…

Just see here on how to put the books on your Kindle. If the books are free, you don’t have to pay for them: some free books and very cheap books can be found or mentioned here: it helps 🙂

How to get library book on to a kindle.

I am going away and my libary says they do ebooks. How do I get these on to a kindle?

You should check with your library to see how it works because it might be different than my library, but here’s how it works for us. We use OverDrive, and you check out the book through OverDrive, and then it takes you into Amazon, where you log into your Amazon account and download the book. Then, if your Kindle has wireless you turn it on and sync it to your Amazon account. If it doesn’t have wireless, you can save the file on your desktop and then transfer it via the USB cable.

How to get page numbers on Kindle.

Hi, I was wondering how to get the actual page numbers of the book I am reading to show up on my Kindle? It shows my location number but not the actual page number that corresponds with the text book. Thanks!

The page number feature began with Kindle Software Update Version 3.1.Make sure you have the update:”From Home, select Menu, then Settings. On the Settings screen you will see the Kindle version at the bottom of the screen.”…Realize that the page display feature depends on the ebook:”Not all Kindle books include page numbers. Kindle books that include page numbers will list “Page Numbers Source ISBN (the print book identification number)” for the matching print edition under “Product Details” on the detail page at If the Page Numbers Source ISBN (the print book identification number)” listed under “Product Details” on the product detail page is the same edition as your print book, the Kindle page numbers will match the page numbers in the printed edition.”…

Amazon Kindle. How to get books on it.

I really want to an Amazon Kindle but how do you put the books in? Do you need a certain program?

It’s a piece of cake to get books onto a Kindle. The great thing is you don’t need any special program, unlike Apple with their iTiunes.You can download the books onto your computer with your normal browser and then simply copy them to the documents folder of your Kindle by connecting it to the computer via the USB cable it comes with. Once it’s connected it just looks like another disk drive on your computer and you can use the Windows Explorer (assuming you’re using Windows) to drag and drop the files onto the Kindle.That of course begs the question of where to get the books in the first place. There are quite a few sites which have free books to download, for example are more links (they may not all work) which I gleaned from some else’s answer, but didn’t record who it was, my apologies:…… are also sites which ask for money for downloading the books.Even if you don’t want to use your computer to get books onto your Kindle you can download them directly using the Kindle’s own simple web browser. Internet access is via WiFi, or if you buy the 3G Kindle model you have the additional option of using the mobile phone network. You can of course download from the Amazon web site. Amazon offers free books as well as ones you pay for.

how to get yahoo on kindle.

is there a way to get yahoo ie internet connection on my kindle

No. Kindle is not a tablet or mobile device in that sense. It is simply a book reader that reads things in a proprietary format (AZW format).…Hmm, I stand corrected – further research dug THIS up:”Does it have a browser? Yes, in the “experimental” features area. But it doesn’t work well with sites that are “heavily formatted.” “Things that are text-based work very well,” he said. (I wonder how it will work with free content formatted for mobile devices.)”…So, I guess if you can find your ‘experimental features’ area, you might be able to get SIMPLE sites. Not sure if Yahoo qualifies for that, though.

How to get books on the kindle.

Ok so tomorro is my bday and i saw the kindle wrapped and i’ve been wanting it for ever 🙂 !!!Do we need to put our credit card number?Like how do you pay for itAlso how do you like the kindle??What type of games can you get on the kindle that are free??Thnx

Yes, the Kindle will need to be linked to an Amazon account with a credit card on file. Depending on how it was ordered, it may already be configured that way.When you order a book, the credit card will be charged.I really enjoy my Kindle.Kindle tends to have simple games for free, like word games, minesweeper, blackjack, etc. All the games are not very action oriented. The e-Ink display isn’t really made for rapid movement.

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