How To Upload Books To Kindle Cloud

Which is better Nook Tablet or Nook Simple Touch or Kindle Fire.

I’m getting a nook/kindle for Christmas and I don’t know which one to get. I’d like to have wifi access (email, facebook, etc.). I’d like to be able to upload books off my mac at home and borrow books/audiobooks from the public library. It would also be great if I could buy/upload music onto the…

If you want all that to work then nook simple touch is way out of the question as it is strictly for reading purpose.Kindle Fire HD and Nook HD are your options.Comments on Kindle Fire HD vs Nook HD, reading this would make the decision easier:…Pros for Kindle Fire HD over Nook HD:- Front facing HD Camera- Amazon usually has better prices for books- Tons of audio books- App store for Kindle Fire HD has over 50k apps (Nook only has about 7k apps)- Prime membership- Free Cloud storage- Own video and music libraryPros for Nook HD over Kindle Fire HD:- Nook HD has the better screen 243 PPI (Nook) vs 216PPI (KF)- microSd slot- No ads, whatsoever- B&N in-store free wifi** Nook HD has LCD screen which is just like your TV/ monitor screen. It has its own light. Same is the case with Kindle Fire HD. They both have color screens while Nook SImple Touch has an eInk screen which is pretty different.** You dont have to pay anything for Wifi. Just need an internet connection at home attached to a Wifi router to access it at home. Otherwise go to a coffee shop or some place with free Wifi…. There is not monthly pay for either.Kindle Fire HD, sales page:…Here you can find Nook HD:…

Play songs on Kindle Fire from internal storage.

I have a Kindle Fire. Its a great toy.I have music on my computer which I have sent to the internal storage of the Quick Office app via USB. This is where books and other documents go to when I send them via USB cable.Okay, perhaps a dumb newbie question but how do I get the songs to play? I click on them and…

They won’t play if the songs have DRM protection or aren’t in MP3 format.The Kindle Fire isn’t “hardwired” to Amazon, as I’ve been able to transfer via USB cable, all of the CD’s I’ve burned into iTunes from my laptop. They play with no problem. Free audiobooks reddit

How in the world do you delete Kindle books from a Kindle Fire tablet.

When Kindle books are on a Kindle Fire tablet and you have finished reading them, how do you delete them? I have a micro USB wire that attaches to my desktop computer, but still, I can’t get rid of the books that I don’t need anymore.

If you purchase an ebook from Amazon, you own it. It is in your Amazon “cloud.” Go to “Books” on your kindle, and at the top you’ll see “Device” and “Cloud”. If you select “cloud”, you’ll see everything you’ve purchased on Amazon. If you select “device,” you’ll see only those items that are actually downloaded from your “cloud” onto your kindle itself. If you want to remove the item from your Kindle itself, hold your finger on the book title until a little menu comes up, where you can select “remove from device.” When you do that, it removes the book from the Kindle itself and you will no longer see it when you select to view items on the “Device.” However, the book will remain in your Amazon “cloud” because you own it, and Amazon saves everything you own for you in case you’d like to put it back on your Kindle.If you’ve uploaded something from your computer onto your Kindle (movies, pictures, documents, etc) that you didn’t actually purchase from Amazon, those items are not actually in your Amazon cloud and will be permanently removed from your Kindle when you select “remove from device.”

Kindle and file transfer procedure.

I have an iPad with the Kindle app installed (e-book reading), and I also have a Kindle PaperWhite device (the Amazon device to read e-books). Both Kindles have a Cloud and a Device libraries.If I buy an e-book from Kindle store, I have it in both places, Cloud and Device. But if I take an e-book of my own in…

That is correct. The Amazon Cloud is for Amazon-purchased Kindle content only.There is a a Send to Kindle app you could use to send the content to your other reader…

Can any1 tell me how 2 cloud my pics form phone 2 kindle.

I can do it but the pics come in the form of a book. Don’t no how make them go 2pics.

Use a USB cable to transfer them to your computer, and then from your computer to your Kindle Fire.Or upload them to a website with your phone and then download them from that website with your Kindle Fire.

In my Kindle Cloud Reader app for Windows Phone, whenever i click on a book it doesn’t open.

In my Kindle Cloud Reader app for Windows Phone, whenever i click on a book it doesn’t open. It just brings me back to my phone menu. How do I fix this?

delete and upload againsome bugs

how can i put a ebook i downloaded online onto my kindle cloud.

is it possible to upload a file from my computer onto the cloud that i can access from the kindle app on my iphone?

You cannot. The Amazon Kindle Cloud is for Amazon purchases only. And FYI most classics (like Jane Eyre, Treasure Island, etc) are also available at Amazon and you can usually find a free version there if the book is available free elsewhere. if you get the free book AT Amazon then it will be on your Cloud.What you CAN do is put the appropriate Kindle reader software or App on your Windows, Android or iOS PC, tablet or phone and put your downloaded book where the software or app stores books. Then the book will be available on THAT device wherever you take the device.

How do I access data in my amazon cloud drive from my kindle fire.

Hello! I’ve just purchased a kindle fire and I have a TON of books in my amazon cloud drive, however, I cannot figure out how to access them from my kindle! I thought they were supposed to automatically show up after i uploaded them to my cloud, but apparently not. Any help would be great! Thanks!!!

Once the Kindle Fire is registered to your Amazon account, click in the Books Tab from the Home Screen. The click the Cloud button.You should see all your purchases there, available for download by clicking on them.

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