Books On How To Be Happy

HELP. need advice on how to be happy again.

ok so i am a fourteen year old girl, nearly 15, started to feel really crap cause i was never like a party person, got close with a girl who was having them, she had also had sex with numerous people, of which she wassnt in a relationship with, i was also sexually abused once as a child so i was very very scared to...

happiness is a choice you can make every day. get up every day and say today i will be happy. here is some advice i received (some i took & some i did not) – not in any particular order:- always treat people the way you would like to be treated- when a door closes, a window opens- this life you are living now is not a dress rehearsal- you have the ability to control your life – only you – no one else- don’t look at the superficial essence of people – look inside of their soul- if you have to sign a legal document – take it home & review it overnight. preferably, see an attorney to protect your interests. remember, if it seems too good to be true – it probably is !- don’t let people be bullied & don’t be a bully- every time you make love to someone, you give a piece of yourself away. you don’t have too many pieces inside of you to give away – so be selective- learn something new every day- find the path to your own happiness ! you are in charge of your own happiness. remember, you are responsible for how you get out of bed every day & how you plan your day- when you receive a gift, or someone does something nice or thoughtful for you ? acknowledge them – send a thank you note.- you can encourage others to move ahead – always pay it forward !- do volunteer work – it enriches the soul & lets you see how other people live their lives & survive their day to day existence- when someone you care about hurts you ? you can hold on to anger, resentment & thoughts of revenge – or embrace forgiveness & move forward. forgiveness frees your soul- sometimes you feel alone on this planet earth. it is normal to feel this way. however, always remember that all you have to do is reach out & ask for help. no matter where help comes from, or what it is ? please accept it graciously- when you get a job ? save something from each & every paycheck you get – even if it is a dollar. it helps you plan for your future & sets up good habits for savings right from the beginning. place this money in an interest bearing account- every once in a while, take an inventory of your life. make a five year plan. write down your goals so that you know what they are. be very specific. writing down your goals & thoughts for the future will help you reach for the stars, even when you are down & feel all is lost- give more then you receive – you will never be disappointed !- always be yourself !- the joy is in the journey. do not give up on this journey called life !- don’t watch tv too much, play video games too much, or have too much internet interaction – it fries your brain & can encourage laziness- don’t use profanity. it is a show of disrespect for yourself & those around you. there are millions of words out there – use them to express yourself !- challenge yourself – don’t always take the easiest choice given to you or travel a path preferred by others – take chances- make yourself do something different once in a while- in order to give & receive love, you have to love yourself first – make loving yourself a priority in your life !- drink v8 juice- brush & floss your teeth at least two times per day- don’t expect people to come to your rescue all of the time – learn to be self supportive- drink lots of water – stay away from soda pop- go to the library & / or book store – read !- go for walks- sometimes, when you can’t smile ? force yourself to ! it encourages your inner psyche to survive the “blues” that comes over each & every one of us, from time to time- don’t judge others. they have a life to live, just like you do. try to see the other side of the coin- keep a journal- remember, it’s not the mistakes we make that define us, it’s how we deal with them- listen to music – it keeps you connected to your inner soul & to the universe – all of which are very important to survive on this planet- always strive for a better education- encourage people around you – especially strangers- remember, we are all created equal – g*d does not make mistakes- never, ever give in or give upstay busy ! see the links below to help with thatpeace☮†♂☺♥☻♀†☮

How to be a happy me(Books).

I am looking for two books, or books on two subjects. The first is HOW TO BE HAPPY. The other is HOW TO BE POSITIVE. I am in therapy, and have come to understand, that I am a Very negative person, and I am NOT Happy. I want to be happy and positive. Ive looked on Amazon, but there is so many books, and…

I look in thrift stores and used book stores and frequently find helpful books like that,Just todaY I saw “The power Of positive thinking’ by Norman Vincent Peale, anda copy of “How to win Friends and Influence People” by Carnage. They were fifty cents each.Books on auto suggestion and hypnosis may prove helpful alsoDr Shad Helmstetter published a number of books on self help, Like”what to saywhen you talk to yourself.””The Miracle of Mind Power,” by Dan Custer”Magic Mind Power, Make it work for you”, by Leslie LeCron”You can have it all” by Arnold M Patent”The Power of Believing” by Bristol”Magic power of your Mind” by Walter Germain”Powers of Mind” by Adam SmithSeveral books by Joseph Murphy”The Secret” a recent publication – kind of a rehash of all the above books”The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace Wattles first published in 1910, just reprinted”Think and grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill . Written and published during the great depression 1937over 7,000,000 sold in the next 30 years Network marketing books free

How to be happy……

What do you do to be happy / what things make you happy? Tell me why you’ve successfully haven’t been sad in a long time. Tell me advice / morals you live by to be a blissful individual. The most content given will be chosen as best answer 🙂 Someone told me that happiness is fleeting, but that doesn’t…

Hey there, Ashley. You may remember me answering your questions a long while ago. I know how you feel, because I think I’ve been in your shoes. You may not know it, but at some point in our lives we will always endure tough times ahead.How to be happy? The answer you want is something that sounds easy, right? Of course it sounds easy but realistically it’s not because everybody has their own way of being happy, whether the reason is to be religious, enlightened, rich, famous, poor, emo, greedy, etc. You get what I mean.I’m 9 days from becoming 17-and-a-half. When I was 14-15 I pretty much had undiagnosed depression. I felt like the world’s changed so much to the point that I didn’t felt like I was needed or loved. I had a thing for Catholicism, though I totally lost my sense of belief and faith in it all. I felt like God wasn’t there for me, if you know what I mean.Although I do label myself as being non-religious, I’ve been studying the Bible with a local youth group, and they’re all Christians. It’s pretty interesting actually, to be surrounded by people who’ve had their lives changed by religion.So what I’m trying to get around is that the answer is ‘environment’. You should be at a place where you feel comfortable. Many would say that they like clubbing, others might like libraries, churches, parks… and while I’m in my last year of high school I can tell you that when school’s over, that is like being born again! I’ve heard of this young girl who’s written a book on how to be happy, and she said that all it took her to be happy was to say every morning, “I’m getting better and better every day”.Don’t be put down by what religion has to say about you, because when you try your very best you will never regret it.And by the way, you can find my e-mail address on my profile if there’s anything else you’d like to talk about… and excuse me for writing so much and going way off-topic. Smile!

How to be happy………….

ok..i’m so sad..i’ve been rejected just days before and my school grades are so poor..i’m so fat and i’m not handsome..i mean, what could be worse than this?..i witnessed my friends having their own partners and the girl i wanted to know that i like her just became popular due to success of her art…

So, I suffer from depression, so I have a few tricks I’ve acquired over the past couple years. First of all, sweety, your not useless. If this girl doesn’t want to be with you, then move on. It’s harsh, but yeah. If she doesn’t want to be around you, she’s not worth your time and you need to find someone that is, though you don’t sound like your in a place to be in a relationship at the moment. You need to learn to love yourself and be happy before you can start with a girl.I have these books, they’re like, books about how to be happy. They don’t work permanently, but while I read them, I feel good. But who knows, they might work better for you. Try dieting, exercising. I’m really thin as I have a fast metabolism, but even so, when I run it seems to clear my head, and make me think properly, plus it’s good for you.Just start exercising, start focusing on school and start trying to be happy, because that’s what’s important at the moment. I hope you feel better soon. x

how to be happy dammit.

simple all i want to know is in the book How To Be Happy Dammit,by Karen Salmansohn what does the first 7 pages say!!!! please please please help! or even better yet tell about ur ideas on liveing life or anything about thoughts, ect. i love hearing what people think!

in the great paraphrased words of aristotle”be excellent to each other… and PARTY ON DUDE”I tale this to meaning be good and jsut to each other, ( like the golden rule) but also not to forget to have a little fun, go out to a party, go skydiving etc. enjoy lifeas in live in “the mean between the extremes” as Aristotle put it

How to be happy, simpley.

I’m depressed, like REALLY depressed.Simple ways to be happy?Thanks in advance.

There are HUNDREDS of ways to make you feel happy.1. Smile ! Even if you don’t feel like it, it releases happy hormones in the brain :)2. Eat healthy, drink plenty of water3. Get a good 7-10 hours of sleep a night4. Exercise ! It isn’t just good for your physical health but mental health too. Go out swimming, running, cycling whatever you want !5. Get a nice walk out in the fresh air of the countryside6. Set goals and targets for your life, start with small then get bigger.7. Read a book to stimulate your brain8. Listen to upbeat dance music !9. Singing ! Even if you can’t sing ! It has been proven to release happy hormones10. Are you religious ? Pray to God ! He’ll help you (he helped me!)Remember don’t dwell on the past or worry about the future, live in the present. Would you rather live your life in regret ? saying to yourself ‘Oh I should have done this or that!’ Or be happy and live with no regrets ? You only get one shot in the gift of life don’t ruin it !If your really concerned, see a councillor or try therapy.Hope I helped 🙂

how to be happy.

lately, it seems like certain events put me in a depressed mood for the rest of the day. and it’s happening more frequently, almost on a day to day basis. it’s getting to the point where i’m starting to get annoyed at myself for getting like that. any advice on how to just brush off the stupid things…

Things You’ll Need:JournalSteps:Step One:Figure out what is important to you in life. For example: Do you value a certain kind of job, material things, a relationship, time alone, time with others, time to relax, time to be creative, time to read, time to listen to music or time to have fun? These are just a few of the possibilities.Step Two:Think about times when you have felt happy, good or content. Where were you? Who were you with? What were you doing, thinking or feeling that made you feel happy?Step Three:Decide to make more time in your life to do more of what is important to you and makes you feel happier. To be happy, you have to make happiness a priority in your life.Step Four:Start with little things and work up to bigger ones. Little things might be reading for 15 minutes, taking a walk, calling a friend or buying great-smelling soap, shampoo, candles or tea that you will enjoy every time you use it.Step Five:Focus on what is positive about yourself, others and life in general, instead of dwelling on the negative. In a journal, write down as many positive things as you can think of. Keep it handy to read over, and continue adding to it.Step Six:Appreciate what is working in your life right now. In the major areas of your life, such as your health, job, love life, friends, family, money and living situation, what is going well?Tips & WarningsAsk other people, “What makes you happy?” or “What is something that makes you feel good?”It’s OK to ask for professional help. Talk to someone like a psychotherapist, career counselor, or spiritual advisor (minister or teacher) to help you sort out what would make you happy.Read books on the subject of happiness. Wise people have been writing about it for hundreds of years. In the bookstore, look under psychology, spirituality or philosophy.

Can you give me ways on how to be happy.

I haven’t been happy for 5 years now. I don’t know how anymore and the only thing i like to do is write stories but i haven’t done that in a while due to my depression :\

I know how you feel. I have been depressed for a while now also. You love to write which gives me the impression that you are an artist. Am an artist. Most artist I know have this problem. You need to get back to writing.. I love to write. Am working on a book right now. Do you like to create things with your hands? I do. I love to create jewelry. Basically, the only way you will start becoming some what content is through creation. It grows inside most artist. I know its hard to concentrate when you feel this way but you have to pick a day, such as monday and say I will start today creating.PS running helps also..

Name of article on how to be happy.

I read an article a few months back on how to be happy. It talked about how expectations are the root to most unhappiness and you can be happy by learning to be content with anything you’re doing.. just think to your self that there’s nothing else better you could be doing. I have googled it so many times…

One of the most important things in the world is to laugh.It does not really matter what you laught at, you can laugh at me if you want.Just laugh.We take life far too seriously, we take ourselves too seriously also.Life is so full of problems and it is often so damned hard, that we forget what is really good for us.To enjoy, to smile and to laugh.It is so simple !Just doing it has such a wonderful “placebo” effect on us.It increases your life span, reduces health problems and makes you feel good !Laughing is so good for you, it also makes you mentally fitter to face the normal problems in life.Try it !Every morning, then many times each day !The problems in the world won’t go away by you being sad, so don’t feel guilty because you want to feel good !Laugh dear……. grin, smile, fall on the floor in hysterics… it !Then you will feel content, without reading the book.

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