How Many Pages Are In Goosebumps Books

If there one defining movie which made you love your favourite actor.

If so, what is that movie and who is that actor?

Many years ago I saw a child actor co-starring with Robert De Niro in “A Boy’s Life” – it was the first time I was exposed to a young Leonardo DiCaprio and I was impressed – talking the entire drive home that this kid WILL be the next Robert De Niro.Then, when I saw him in “Whats Eating Gilbert Grape” I had goosebumps over his amazing role as a mentally challenged child. How good was he in the part? I had many people ask me after seeing it: “How on earth did the director get that mentally retarded kid to remember his lines and act??”He was robbed of the best supporting actor Oscar that year and I have been cheering for him ever since.

My friend wrote this. How is it.

The roar of the sky above bellowed through the night in threatening shouts. The power of the roar shook the house, forcing Abigail’s eyes to skim the dark room she was cornered in, before focusing her attention back on her art. She could hear the metal chimes by her window shake as the thunder came at a steady…

I’ll give you good criticism that will help her.This is not amazing it’s mediocre.The Grammar isn’t greatThere is no hookNo themeEverything is over described over wordy, and the plot doesn’t really move anywhereIt’s better to show rather than tell, a sign your telling is lots of adjectives, which she has”The peeling door” I’m guessing that means the paint is peeling but the way she’s written it, it sounds as if the door is “peeling”. So that just needs re-phrasing but honestly I wouldn’t bother with the paint peeling reference.She could have cut this whole page into one paragraph that would have been more gripping and more suspenseful, she drags it on longer than it needs to be.This was quite boring to read, nothing happened, the character is quite bland.I’m assuming this is an opening, so to be honest, I would completely cut this stuff, as I said it’s over wordy, not interesting and not very well written. Start in the novel where something is happening to engage the reader. It doesn’t have to be action, but there was nothing to keep me reading. If a book doesn’t hook at least in the first paragraph – forget it.That’s the major points and i hope it was helpful to her. Download books for free

Writers: how serious are you about your work.

How much work do you put into your writing?I mean, I just realized last night, i have been working on this story for almost a whole yearI have literally only 9 pages worth of actual writing, and about 20 pages of notes, and plans…I dont have very much time to work on it, but i mean, im really passionate…

Very, you could say. Here’s what I’ve got so far that I wish to make into a career.-I have two series’s mostly planned: one seven books long (has taken up the better part of three thick notebooks), the other four plus a prequel I might like to do if they become popular enough for it to be demanded (one and a half thick ones)-A halfway developed third series: two books planned, the second more so than the first, but with no idea how far along I am in completing what will be the finished series (hardly any space at all, perhaps 40 pages)-A short story that I’ve been mulling over. (a couple paragraphs of one)-One abandoned trilogy that is terrible and will never see the light of day, save for the few good parts that I’ve scavenged off it (three thin notebooks)-Another abandoned series (8 books) (a small diary sized notebook full) that I hardly think of as being “abandoned” but more as “largely rewritten” as I’ve completely stripped it, taken the best parts of it and turned them into the first three of those four novels.-A series of unforeseeable amounts of childrens novels much like Goosebumps meets Nancy Drew meets Scooby-Doo, which I plan to think on for a good amount of years while I collect stories to put the main character through that I will finally write once I’m old and done making up complete universes to go with the stories I envision. (a few paragraphs of notes on a word document)And then there are other things about stories that I would like to write, but nothing that has gripped me and demanded to be written like the above. I plan to write each of the things I’ve listed and I’m dead set on it, an author is all I want to be, all I see myself as.But you don’t have to speed up, I started writing and planning that first failed novel when I was barely 16, and in three years this is what I’ve come up with, and I started at the same pace as you. You can’t force ideas, but I do find that while they cannot be dragged out of your head, they will only really run out if you don’t mine them constantly. You just always have to look at things and think of how you can use it, your novel always has to be at the back of your mind.

Need Help Finding Name Of Children Book…

I just got a flashback of being like 11-14 reading books like goosebumps and stuff.I’m not sure if it is a goosebump book, but do any of you know the names of any books where you can like, pick the adventure?Like itd be like ” you guys are stuck at a fork in the road, to go left, turn to page 104…

The series is Choose Your Own Adventures and I think that particular book is Daredevil Park

How many pages and words should a good fantasy novel have.

I’m writing a fantasy book that I’ve been working on for ages, and it’s part of a series, but I’m worried that it’s much too short. It has about 21,000 words, 14 chapters (which I haven’t yet spaced out so each chapter doesn’t start on a new page yet) and 100 pages.Bearing in mind…

To put the size of your novel into perspective, the average Goosebumps story has between 18000 and 22000 words.Most adult fantasy has around 200000 words.Most young adult fantasy has around 100000 words.There are no rules, though. Write your story, long or short is irrelevant. It’s your first, you have time to hone your craft.

How do I get a 10 year old boy interested in more books.

My youngest brother barely reads. He claims that most of the books that he wants are only found for free in audio book form. Aside from the fact that our house is teeming with books and that there are plenty of people, including myself, who are willing to buy him whatever books he wants, his audio books claim is,…

Comic books and graphic novels are the gateway books to increased reading. For someone in 5th grade, these should be right up his ally. Just because there’s lots of pictures doesn’t mean that the reading he’s doing is any less valuable. From the comic books, he can transition to children and young adult novels when he’s ready. Or even books about his favourite movies and tv shows.Getting him interested in a series would be beneficial, as he will want to read all of the books.- Goosebumps- Harry Potter- Diary of a Wimpy Kid- The Oz Series- Captain Underpants- Clue mysteries- The Chronicles of Narnia- Animorphs- LEGO chapter books- Young Merlin Trilogy- Berenstain Bears big chapter books- Stuart LittleDon’t force him to read. Reading should be fun and recreational. He will get there in his own time.

how is this for a first couple of sentences in a new book..

a mark, a scar, a memory. but i. i prefer a triumpth. a triumpth over the pain that lies within me. when its dark, and i can feel the goosebumps creeping up my leg. i know. i know its getting closer. closer to a new triumpth. a scar that will be with me forever, an etch in the pale skin i leave red…………..

Well, I guess I won’t be popular either then (see above poster). Yeah, I have to agree that this isn’t a wonderful first few sentences. It reads more like a Goth’s poetry journal than a book I’d be interested in.For a book, your first word needs to be a hook to get the reader to read the second word. Your first sentence needs to be a hook to get the reader to read the second. Your first paragraph needs to be a hook to get the reader to read the next, and so on.The first 13 lines (or there about) are the most important lines in a manuscript (as, in a properly formatted manuscript, these will be the lines on the first page, which a publisher might only skim before discarding). These lines need to be the absolute best you can make them (thus, spelling and grammar).I know of two tricks often used for the hook. One is to start IN the action (you have started before the action). I’ve even heard it said (exaggerated, really) that one should write a book then cut off the first chapter. The other trick is to start in a different POV or topic from the rest of the story in order to give critical information that will hook the reader (Rowling did this, Tolkien did this, Orson Scott Card, etc).Also, use complete, complex sentences. If I may offer my own rewrite, turning your first seven sentences as a single one… “A mark, a scar, a memory, people call it many things but I prefer ‘triumph;’ a triumph over the pain that lurks in my veins, threatening me with goose bumps that creep up my leg when it is dark, when it gets closer.” This is a bit of a personal thing, but you’re sentences are so short that it feels like I am reading “See Spot Run.” (See Spot. See Spot run. Run, Spot, Run. See the Reader. See the Reader gouge his eyes out. Gouge, Reader, gouge.)

In books they try not to leave empty spaces of no writing on pages,…HELP..

Ok.You know how in books they try not to leave any empty spaces without words. And the way they do that is by splitting words in half in order to have every sigle line with words, right?Like for example in this website there is a book that does…

in microsoft word,go to format,paragraphs,under general, you’ll see alignment, select justify and it should give you the reults you want

How many words does a children’s novel like Goosebumps have to be in order to be published.

It’s a kids chapter book.Like, 120-200 pages.Prolly something like 200 words per page.So… We’re English people we can’t do math. Let me crack out the calculamajigger thing.Roughly 40,000 wordsYou know… Kids books might have fewer words per page though. It’s possible that you could cut it down from 40k. I just read a couple answers to similar questions that said 15k-20k. That sounds a little short, but maybe I’m wrong…

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