How To Get More Money From Half Price Books

How can I save more money.

I want to save fOr a down of a car I’m tying really hard to save money I’ve even his my debit card in order to not spend money what else can I do

I could tell you how to be frugal like me.How to save the money you have: Stay away from cigarettes! use cantines instead of buying waterbottles or sodas, try to eat at buffets instead of restaraunts, shop for clothes & furniture at discount stores, use spiral bulbs instead of regular bulbs, when you buy a car buy a small efficient one instead of a truck or SUV, & if you ever build your own house order white roofing instead of the usual dark. Another somewhat frugal habit is using progressive grammar like me (ex & instead of and, 2 instead of two) when you’re writing papers instead of writing everything out.How to make a little money: Collect cans & other scrap metals & take it up to your local metal recycling place that pays you. If you have any books or DVDs you don’t want anymore sell them to Half Priced Books (but you have to have a drivers license to get paid). When you pass by vending machines look in the coin slots for coins. In my experience 1/10 of them have coins.If you’re a kid & some of this doesn’t apply to you, saving on electricity still saves your parents money.I believe that this world would be a much better place if everybody was frugal & I hope I am helping people by answering these questions. If you don’t wanna pick me as best answer then please let me know if my advice has helped you.

how much is a return flight to spain from england.

i need to know how much money i need to save up to get there and back

Up until the arrival of Easyjet in the mid-90’s I used to pay around £130.00p for return flights to Malaga or Alicante. I now pay about half that amount and have yet to pay more than £67.00p return with Easyjet, who I use at least 3 times a year for flights to Spain from Gatwick. I have friends meeting us in Spain in 3 weeks time and I got their flights, from Manchester, for £75.00p return.To get these prices it’s generally necessary to book as soon after the flights are released as possible. Keep your eye on their website so that you can see when next summer’s flights are available to book, and providing you know when you wish to travel make your booking. You can always arrange the accommodation (if you need it) at a later date.…If you are prepared to wait, cheap flights can sometimes be had by looking at the websites of the tour operators. In May this year, I got flights to Malaga with Thomson Airways for £48.96p return. This was a late deal booked shortly before the flight date & at the time the airlines were still suffering from the effects of the “volcanic ash”.

Free shipping books

How much money can I make by selling issues of an out-of-publication magazine to Half Price Books.

Between 1999 and 2003, Fabbri Publishing published a magazine called Star Trek: The Magazine (STTM). I have a box full of issues dating from October 2000 to April 2003. STTM went out of publication after April 2003. Given that it has now been 8½ years, I was wondering if I could make money off my copies.I will…

From my personal experience you will get the best price selling them at a Sci-Fi or Star Trek convention.Your second best option will be eBay. Search if anyone else has sold something similiar. That may give you an idea of what they would sell for. (It looks as if most singles go for $8.99)

i needs some ideas on how to make more money for my wedding.

i am getting married in two months and things are going so wrong.the catering is so much more than i thought it would be.i need some ideas on how to raise more money to pay for this.this is not the way i should feel.i feel like i have to just do what i can instead of having what i want,but its nobodies fault but my…

I had the same problem. We got engaged and booked everything and then after all the contracts were signed we both got layed off! So I feel you there.Unfortunately, you’re going to have to cut back a little bit.For example: What we did to save some money and still have a nice wedding was ditched the caterer. Our wedding is a summer wedding so the food we wanted was really easy stuff so we got rid of our caterer and are going to get all the women we can together and each will make 1 of the dishes we want. Nobody will know the difference I garuntee it.Another thing we are doing is getting our friends involved. We have a friend of ours who is a Kareoke DJ. He’ll be bringing his equipment and running all the sound and music for the day. He says for everything we want him to do he normally would charge somebody around $1,000 but he’s only charging us a couple hundred.For our wedding cake we found a lady who does it from her home. She makes gorgeous cakes and it’s about half the price of going with the caterer.My sister is putting our flowers together. She used to be a florist so she knows what goes good with what. We bought silk flowers because me and my fiance both have allergies and they are alot cheaper too. You can get silk flowers super cheap at any wholesale store. I don’t know where your from but we got ours from a place called the flower factory.I took on alot of do it yourself projects. But I’m a crafty person so it wasn’t too big of a deal for me.It’ll take a lot of research but you can do it if you really look hard. Search the internet…..alot! lol That’s how I found alot of ways to cut costs.Sometimes you can negotiate with your vendors a bit too.Good Luck and remember to breathe!The most important thing is that you and your fiance are getting married. The rest is just for fun.

Convince Half Price Books to buy from a minor.

Im just gonna be brutally honest here and hope someone still helps me, im 15 and wanna sell some books to half price books so i can buy stuff online without my parents knowing, none of its illegal, but my parents wouldn’t let me get it im having all the stuff shipled to a PO box and want more money but they…

They’ll never do it because they can get in trouble for it.Best bet is to sell them online.

where can you sell books to get the best price.

I have many books that I’ve bought full-price from Books a Million and Barnes and Noble brand new, thinking they would be good, only to realize they weren’t good and that I definitely didn’t want to keep them!I know I won’t be able to get my full money back, but where can I sell them to get the…

Check to see if there is a Half Price Books in your area. They purchase books they believe they can resell, and will pay you cash or give you store credit and you can buy other books you may enjoy more. You won’t get a lot of money for them (they have to have a small margin to keep the lights on) but you will get something. Those they don’t buy you can take with you or let them donate/recycle them so you don’t have to cart them around. And they are a woman-owned business and that makes some people feel good.Other than that, I believe Amazon has a feature where you can sell books, but you are competing with them. You can also sell on eBay but books don’t do well there unless rare or out of print. Finally, you could put them on Craigslist and see if you have any takers.

How to get more money fast..

im 13 and really need help! im hosting a sleepover this weekend and need to earn some cash! i hav ten euro and need another ten for the cinema i can prob get 5 from my mom from house work and we live in the middle of the country so i cant do anything else! please help me!

– If you live in a part of the country with a lot of pools, being a Pool caretaker can be a great job for you.- Sell a bunch of stuff (clothes, furniture, etc..) on CraigsList and at Half Priced Books (books, CDs).- You can clean peoples homes or Wash Windows.- Garage Cleaning Service.- Mail Pick-Up Service: When people travel, people need someone to pick up their mailand newspapers.- Deliver newspapers.- Selling Ice Cream- Sell something homemade (cookies, cakes, paintings)- Do chores for old people (groceries or vacuuming)- Become someone’s tutor (math, science, reading, spelling)- If you have a particular hobby such as painting, dancing, jewelery making or photography, you can start taking hobby classes for the same. Or alternately, you can sell your drawings or jewelery or photographs in exhibitions.- Household chores.- Iron clothes.- Ask all my neighbors if they needed any hired help for odd jobs.- Pet sitter/Doggy walking.- Wash cars.hope these ideas will help!

half price book store selling my books.

i have some books that i dont read anymore and i was wondering how much money i could get for them at a half price book store?like how much children books would get and stuff like that

I had a box (an average size, something you’d find in an office) loaded with books, mostly paperback from when i was 12 children-Y.A books.I also had maybe 6 hardcovers all about 600 pages.every books was in perfect condition as well since they hadn’t been read even.this entire load landed me with 23 dollars.the worst thing you could sell is college books.They cost so much money (about $100) and sell for about $10.I would try to sell those to next year students first.Basically, they go by the resale ability. If it will be an easy resale- you’ll end up getting more money for it.SO if you have a book that is popular, but not really stocked in the store, then you’ll get more money.

half price books.

How much money does half price books averagely give for used books? Anyone who has ever sold to HPB how much money did the give you? Also how much will they pay for V.C Andrews novels?

Not much for used books. I have cleaned out my bookshelves before and filled the back seat of my car with books, and it was a long time ago, so I don’t remember the exact amount, but I think they paid me less than $30 for all those books.I got more money from them when I took used movies and used books on tape. I assume any movies or music or other audio recordings would pay better than books there.However, my mother is a retired English teacher, and she owned stacks and stacks of the sort of novels that are assigned reading in high school and college English courses. When I took those books over there (more than would fit in one vehicle, so I went 3 different days with a big load) they paid a total of just under $150.If you do have a lot to sell to them, I have a bit of advice. Don’t take all of it at once, but split the lot and go on two or three different days. This is because the person at the buy desk is only allowed to use a certain amount of $ each day to buy with. And no matter what you bring in or how much, they will never use all the last of their money for the day on your stack of books, because what if somebody brings something really valuable in right after you leave, and they wouldn’t have any money left to offer? So they always limit themselves on how much they will offer you at one time. As I said, I brought mom’s books, which were EXACTLY the sort of books HPB want as many as they can get of, in on 3 different days. Each day they paid just under $50 for a whole back seat full of books. I’m fairly convinced that if I had split it into 4 deliveries, they would have offered me 4 times just under $50. But Mom was an English teacher, so her collection was exceptional. Regular folks like you and me will do well to get $20-$30.I’m not saying don’t go there. It was worth it to me to clean out some space in my home, and a little money is better than no money at all if I had donated them to Goodwill.

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