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How much would miniature books cost.

Ok, so the question is pretty self explanatory. I have some miniature books, like literally miniature books. They are about 2cm x 1 1/3cm, and I’m trying to sell them but I don’t know how much they would cost. They are Nancy Drew books, if that influences the price. Thanks in advance. =)

They are obviously made for collectors and if they are in good condition you should be able to find some pricing on the internet, but getting reliable information on an obscure item here on Y!A is unlikely. You may have to go to an auction house like Christi’sbut a quick Google gives $10 each at one place…

How much is a world book encyclopedia set worth.

I almost threw out a whole set of encyclopedias today and I decided to see how much it was worth. The World book site says 1000 dollars. But I’m not sure if mine is the exact.I have a complete set of the world book 75 anniversary edition.

With the incredible access to information afforded by the Internet, encyclopedia are not popular today. Given the speed with which information changes, expandes and updates, encyclopedia become quickly outdated as well, even with the annual updates.The World Book site would not be well served were it to report that sets of its encyclopedia are worthless.You might check out Ebay and for price comparisons.There are enough people around who find World Book (or others) nice to have in the house or a nice edition to their home libraries, or for sentimental reasons. But for the most part, they are an anachronism.I have an extensive reference library for my work. I find these days that I rarely pull the individual books off the shelf. I just do a quick Google and am able to check multiple sources in a couple of minutes. Relationship books free

how much should i charge to resell my college books.

i have the 2 NEW copies of both textbooks you need for freshman english. how much do books go for?

If you’re selling them on marketplace sites like amazon or, I usually put my books for 50 cents cheaper than the lowest price already listed. This helps me sell my book quicker. You can definitely ask for more money if it’s new.If you’re selling the books in person, just check out amazon or and see how much people are selling the books online for to help give you at least a starting point for what to ask for.You can also ask for a quote from a website that sells used textbooks online so you’ll know right away how much money you’ll get and the process won’t take as long as selling them on your own. You can find places to sell your books back online here:

How much age difference.

how much older should a boyfriend be from his girlfriend? i need some reassurance or advice! quick!

Where is the rule book that says a boyfriend has to be older than a girlfirend. I know couples where the woman is older than the man and they are very well matched with each other in temperament and ideas. Don’t ever put yourself into a box and don’t ever make judgments about the ages of other couples. Couples should be based in mutual interests friendship and love, never on ages.

Shaving much.plz quick…….

I have a Pontiac GTO 6.6L 400 1969 V8 and i bored it up until .60 or that….thats what the pistons are….how much comp will it have? is it enough for a 11:1 comp?or do i still need shaving heads?

what are you doin’ dude? if you started into a project like this #1 w/o a plan (based on what you are trying to achieve, i.e. acceleration or top speed or hp at a certain rpm)#2 boring .60 over? hmmm, dont know goat motors too well, but conventional wisdom says your cylinder walls’ll be pretty it any wonder that nobody has answered your question? stop reading hot rod mags and do it right. research it man! ask opinions of professionals (face to face).sorry to be harsh…..just my 2 cents. at least go buy a book and read first. its a complicated subject.on the positive side……69 GTO’s are cool. i have a 69 Javelin myself. good luck

How much do schools spend on books.

I mean like fictional and non-fictional books?? Thank you guys. An average please as well.

It probably isn’t quick or easy to get the information you are looking for. If I were in your situation, I would visit a library (either a public library or college library, if there is one nearby) and ask the research librarian if there is a way to get an “average” amount which school systems spend on books without having to spend a long time searching. If you’re lucky, the librarian will be able to help you, and the matter will be closed. But if not, you could be doing a lot of research. Cost of books is part of a school system’s budget. Even the state government might not know how much each individual school system sets aside for book costs, but if there is a place where that information is kept, you would have to hunt through a bunch of unrelated budget information in order to find it, and then you would probably have to calculate an “average” by yourself. Your question looks deceptively simple, but there is really a lot of research and study involved in finding the answer.

How much would this book sell for.

I have a copy of “Shadow Puppets,” signed by Orson Scott Card, hypothetically, if I were to sell it how much would I get?

A quick search of completed auctions on ebay showed that 2 different repeating listings for a signed first edition of Shadow Puppets listed starting at $9.99, however, none of these auctions have sold so this tells me that this book is not in demand right now. You might want to wait until a later time when the book may be in demand.

How much is the average rent in Nicaragua.

I need info, how much are rentles there, not for vacation, but living there for 6- months to a year. yours anwsers will be so helpful. also if you have any good websites i could go to, that has free info. thanks.

A quick search shows 1-2 bedroom apartments from $550 to $825 a month. But the real question is this: How nice a place do you want to stay in. I frequently travel to the islands of Thailand and stay at a beach bungalow for about 35 dollars a day. Right down the beach tourists pay $200+. I am sure the difference in South America also varies greatly.Suggestion: Try to find a local booking agency that does not cater to foreigners and book there. This way you get local prices.

how much are first edition d&d books worth.

I have a box full of 1st ed dnd books and I was wondering what they are worth.

Depending on their condition and whether or not you can find a collector they probably aren’t worth a whole lot. i did a couple of quick searchers on ebay and found very little 1st edition stuff available, and none of it was currently being bid on. I’ve seen 1st edition DM’s guides and Players handbooks on sale at conventions for as little as $3, and I bought a 1st edition Unearthed Arcana a few months ago for less than that, but these weren’t in very good shape. If yours are in really good condition you might get a better deal than that; just depends on who you are selling to. Perhaps $10-20 for the more popular titles. The more obscure TSR titles, like Star Frontiers, seem to go for more.

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