How To Purchase Audio Books

Best source for free audio books..

I listen to audio books, but they sure are expensive to buy. How can I ethically get best selling titles for free? My first thought is the library.. but are there other options if my library doesn’t have the title I want?

Libraries are paid for by taxes. Not the same thing as free. That said they remain the best source of pre-paid audio books. About a third of the audio-books I “read” I get at the library. I browse the shelves, do on-line reservations, do on-line downloads. I occasionally request inter-library loan by filling out the forms.Old and best selling are not opposites. They are timing factors. The number of top quality popular books that are now in the public domain is larger than anyone can listen to. I use for about a third of the audio-books I “read”.The other third, roughly, of audio-books I “read” I purchase because I want to support the author and industry. Not want you asked about so included to complete my own set of major sources.

How do I get an audio book onto my Ipod.

I purchased an audio book from and downloaded it to Itunes. When I go to sync my Ipod however, the audio book is not included in the sync. How do I get it on my Ipod? I have tried dragging it to my Ipod, but it won’t let me.

You can use AVCWare iPod/iphone to iPod/Computer/iTunes Transfer.With it you can:1: Transfer iPod files to Computer2: Transfer iPod files to new iPod3: Transfer iPod files to iTunes4:Transfer local files to iPod without iTunes5: Manage your iPod like a movable hard drive and transfer ipod videos/photos/music between iPod and iPod, iPod and computer/laptop, ipod and itunes.You can find it here: iPod to iPod/computer/iTunes transfer fully supports the latest iPhone OS 3.0, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch FW 3.0, and iTunes 8.2.It is easy to use and you can try it now. Free paperback books

I want to share my audio book but how.

To promote me new book, the publisher wants to give away the audio book for free – the zip file weighs around 500mb though. Should we make the chapters available for download one by one or all together? And where should they be stored?

The zip file does not need to “weigh” 500mb – you should never give away a full CD quality version online, it’s too expensive and the people you’re advertising to won’t necessarily appreciate the extra quality (but people might purchase the CD to get the extra quality/solid product). Compress it right, right down and put it as a centrepiece on a specially designed author’s website, have a look at how Neil Gaiman handles his free downloads. 500mb is far too big to download casually and that limits your audience, compress it to make it less unwieldy to download.This is not something you should just toss on Google Pages for people to download, take it seriously and run it like a business because for you it is.Your publisher will cover this in far greater detail than anyone on Yahoo Answers can frankly be bothered to, launching a book’s a huge (and fairly skillful, I don’t want to go into too much detail because I feel I should actually be charging someone for the advice) undertaking and it’s important to get it right.Whatever you do don’t put it on a file storage site, there’s no value in it for you if you do that.

How do audio-books work.

I have a 6th generation 80gb ipod and I wanted to get an audio book (book on tape) kind of program.I’m interested on being able to listen to books on the go, as I spend hours on the subway each day.So I’d like to know:How do audio books work? I saw on the website you have to pay a monthly fee. Do you…

You can load audio books into iTunes and sync them to your ipod. If you go to the iTunes store you can find many audio books for free as well as for purchase. My favorite place to download books is at podiobooks, all free, and the books by Scott Sigler and JC Hutchins are amazing. has many audio books for download too.

how to access audio version of book.

Can anyone help me access this audiobook? I have an access code already from purchasing the book but I’m having a hard time trying to use this? here’s the link :

I have never heard of getting a free audiobook when you buy the regular book. All you can do is follow the instructions on the screen.Need an Access Code?Click the OLP (Online Purchase) button and follow the instructions on the website to purchase your Pearson Online Solutions Student Access Code.

How to designate an MP3 as audio book on the IPOD.

Hello -I have an audio book that I ripped from CD. Is there any way to make ipod recognize this as an audiobook instead of ‘music’?

By recognize it as an audio book I assume you mean that Itunes automatically puts in it your audio book on your ipod. This is something I have done a lot of research on and I was unable to come up with any way to do it. When you purchase an audio book from itunes its coded as an audio book and allowed to be put into the audio book folder. When you add one that was ripped or downloaded from another site itunes never coded it as an audio book and there for itunes doesnt know to put it in the correct folder. This is true for pod casts as well.

I’ve purchased audio books and I want to know how to put on to my Apple ipod..

Do I have to purchase a certain program or is there a way to use my computer?

It’s simple! Just plug in your iPod, and open your iTunes. Now, find your audiobook in your library. Drag the name of the file all the way to the sidebar where it says iPod or the name of your iPod! Good luck! =]

How is audible able to sell audio books legally.

audible has many different books on audio- how do they do that legally?

The purchase the audio rights from the author through the author’s agent and publisher. They have to pay up front (either advance against future royalties or fees to buy those rights), plus the author is paid royalties.The reader is also paid. If it’s the author, they might pay some additional sum as recording fee, or pay a higher royalty rate. If someone other than the author reads the work for recording, they either pay royalties on each copy sold or pay fees outright.

How and where is the best place to purchase the audio book “World War Z.”.

I hear the audio book that spawned the upcoming Brad Pitt movie is awesome, but which is the best way to own it? Is it in episodes?

keep it>> I hear the audio book that spawned the upcoming Brad Pitt movie is awesome, but which is the best way to own it? Is it in episodes?

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