How Many Junie B Books Are There

my 6 years old daughter has less attention span….

she gets bored of things quickly.doesn’t like to study.she is so nervous of reading words that she doesn’t even attempt them…how to make her confident and comfortable with studies.need help..thanks

First most six years old get bored quickly. They are just coming into their own. Reading, sitting at a desk full time, all the things she feels she must learn and with you wanting her to succeed make her maybe even more anxious. I have a 13 year old who I was told was an Asperger Child (which is a form of Autism) that she would never read write or do any of the above. I was a hyper active child with a speech defect, my parents never gave me medication, but gave me guidance and I graduated from high school at 15 and was an executive for a major company by 21. Now back to my daughter, I bought her the Leap Frog Phonics desk with words that sounded them out, you can call the company in California and they will tell you if they still make this and send it to you. I began reading with my daughter every night and during the day. I didn’t buy books that I liked but ones she said she would like. I have bought the Junie B. Jones series for many of 5 and 6 year olds, they are funny, and make them laugh plus make them think of each situation, there are over 26 books now and more are being written as I write. Start with the first and tell her that if she likes it you can start a collection to get all of them. It’s a motivator. Then read one book, talk about how funny it was. Then ask her to go to a book store and find the Junie B. series with you. Make her look at the title, and then say lets go together to Borders, Barnes and Nobles or any book store )even school Scholastic orders have these books). She will have to look at the name Junie B. and remember it and then make it a game and see if she can help you find it, maybe take her to the book shelves that hold it and see if she finds them herself, if she does reinforce her abilty to read and know the name of these books. Family Education online newsletter gives parents tips on what level your child should be at for her age. My daughter hated to study at that age would cry for hours. She is now above average and reads over 20 books a month. Have patience and don’t expect too much. My daughter hated math and has a nonverbal learning disabililty however, I was told she would never concentrate. I would buy her comic books and we would read and I would tell her that if she did this then we could do something she liked. Before reading play some harp music or soft music to calm her down, when she gets upset, make eye contact and say to her just breathe, take a deep breathe and let it out. Then calmly say lets start again. All this labeling of children is so wrong, most parents don’t realize that in the US if a child is labeled hyperactive, or has ADH or any of those labels that they track these children and it follows them throughout their lives, into high school, college, and even into the work place later in life. Some children just learn differently. My daughter doesn’t learn math in a book, but by counting money, designing a doll house which she had to add feet and fractions, now she is great at math. Put her with a book filled with pages of math and she gets overwhelmed. So I copy all books and give her a couple of pages at a time. When she was little I copied all her books so that we could be a week ahead so she would never panic or got overwhelmed or nervous. Yes, this takes time on the part of the parent but in the long run you have a child that will adjust and can become a good student without all the drugs and worry. Plus if she does have a problem the school will let you know. Get the book Touch Points by Dr. Brazelton which gives you the age of a child and what is normal. Please don’t worry, this is so normal. Give her time, if she is still having problems by the 2nd or 3rd grade then worry. There are so many programs like the Leap Frog reading books which they can do on their own and begin word associations. Make it fun and the worry and nervous feelings will get better. Remember she is only 6, some children need more time. Give her some time and relax, she is normal.

Help with teen writing a novel.

Ok so I’m. 14 years old and I want to write a novel I already have an idea. I just need to know: how many words should the draft be? How many words: the initial situation, each event in the rising action , the climax, each event in the falling action and the resolution. Also how many events in the…

However many words you think it needs to be. If you’ve got an idea, work with it. There’s no limit.4 months is a short period. Go at your own pace, know how much you can write. Each person is different; I can’t tell you a definite number. I, for one, can write almost ten pages a day if I’m really into it. One of my friends has been writing a book for a year now, and she writes two paragraphs at a time.Don’t worry so much about the length. There’s Junie B. Jones sized-books and Redwall sized-books; it’s just however many pages it takes you to express your idea.Here’s a tip: In most stories and plays, the rising action is the majority of the book. The climax is, say, three-quarters of the way into the book, and the falling and resolution quickly follow (the last quarter of the book). Vampire books free

I will be teaching 3rd grade and wanted some suggestions for books to keep in a classroom library..

I was thinking about the Magic Tree House series and books like How to Be Cool in Third Grade. I was hoping for more suggestions though, mostly chapter books but whatever you could think of. Also, I’m trying to choose books that would appeal to African American students as this is the main makeup of my class….

There are so many books to choose from! Where do I start? Scholastic offers great books for elementary school students at affordable prices. I would suggest you start here for ideas. If you sign up to do Book Orders with your students, you can earn “bonus points” and purchase books for your classroom library with those bonus points. “Lucky” is the book club for grades 2-3.Here are some series your students may enjoy:Black LagoonCam JansonJunie B. JonesHorrible HarryMagic School BusMagic Tree HouseRamona QuimbyGood Luck!

What books do you think every child should have.

I just mean~ what do you think are the best kids books or classics that every child would like or should have in their collection?

How many pages do we get to use for our answers? 😉 Off the top of my head and forgetting dozens of great ones:Board books: anything by Eric Carle, Goodnight Moon, Goodnight Gorilla, There’s a Monster at the End of this Book; Owl Babies ….Picture books: Duck and Goose; the Olivia books; anything by Mo Willems; Blueberries for Sal; Magic Schoolbus books; Dr. Seuss’s non-easy readers (like Horton Hears a Who); The Little Engine that Could; Moonbear books; Bill Peet books (especially like the Ant and the Elephant). (eta — and definitely also Where the Wild Things Are, as someone else mentioned. And Harold and the Purple Crayon. and Owl Moon).Easy readers: Frog and Toad (and sequels); Dr. Seuss’s easy readersEasy chapter books: Nate the Great; Cam Jansen; Junie B Jones (controversial, I know, but I laugh every time when I read them to my kids and there’s something to be said for that)Chapter books: My Father’s Dragon; Charlotte’s Web; Ramona books; Narnia books; Harry Potter books; Frindle; The Phantom Tollbooth; Wrinkle in Time series; Holes; Encylopedia Brown books and a gazillion others that are just not coming to mind at the moment. :-)Special nomination: Owly books (beautiful graphic novels about an owl; virtually no text)

Book writting question….(step by sstep).

Ok. So I want to right a book. If you know what I am talking about when I mention Junie B Jones. A book like that. And if you don’t know what I am talking about I mean like 3rd grade books (but chapter) I like those books (I am pretty much 14 now, well like 1 month) And when I was in that grade I lovved Junie B…

Well your first step is to (not use language in a book for third graders 😀 lol just kidding!) just write!!Don’t worry about publishing right now. Just figure out what you want your plot to be. I have read just about all of the Junie B. Jones books about 10 times each, if not more, so I pretty much know exactly what you are talking about. In some of the Junie B. Jones books, Barbara Park has Junie getting into trouble about cheating, or a boy, or a party, or whatever! Just brainstorm for about two days maybe on different plots that would interest and be relevent in a third grader’s life. Maybe your character has an older sibling or a younger.Suggestions for ideas:-character wants a puppy and must take care of everything regarding it.-character is a good girl/boy and gets in to big trouble at school for the very first timeStep 1: BrainstormThink of your ideas. Do you want one book? A series? Girl main character? Smart? Goodie-two-shoes? Girly? Mature for a third grader? Third Grader? Plot?Step 2: WriteWrite down those ideas and choose which is bestStep 3: Write MoreActually creating a rough draft.Step 4: ResearchThis step is for in between 2 and 3 and after 3. Research grammar issues on the internet. Spend time with some third graders: your potential readers. See what they say and words they use. It won’t be little cute words like a two year old uses; they will talk and talk and talk, using drawn out words and little ones.Step 5:Read Rough DraftCheck it for your own editing, and see what you can fix on your ownStep 6: Get OpinionsFind some close friends/family members, have them read your book. Ask for blunt opinions and criticism.Step 7: RewriteSecond Draft. Collectively absorb all information and feedback you have received from yourself, internet(more research), other books, and others’ opinions. This time just write as well as you can and how you think it should be written. More structured than a first draft.Step 8: More EditingRe-read and Re-write and get some more opinions.Step 9:PrepareMake sure everything is how you want it. This will be your final draft. Get some more opinions, change everything you want changed. Get it ALL prepared to send to a publishing company. (This will mean you’ll have to type your book if it isn’t already typed)Step 10: Send it inBelow I have listed a site consisting of some or all the publishing companies in the state of Colorado just by googling “publishing companies in colorado”. Check all over the world wide web for some companies that publish it. Maybe call them or e-mail or contact them in some way. See how you can get it published. Check for a link on a website to send it in. Then you will go through a long process. Your idea must be accepted by the publishing company, so it’s probably best to do the same thing you do with college applications: send your idea to many publishing companies. Some may accept, some may not. Find the best one for what you want and go from there. I don’t know much about the publishing process, but that is easily found on the web. Hope this helped! Questions? E-mail me

What book should i read for my project.

im in 4th grade and i like mystery or sad books

Awh, the fourth grade?How cuuutee(:Read something simple,considering you are a child and about.. Buttermilk hill?I read it in the 5th grade, but it was still great.(For a childrens book, that is)But to tell you the truth,there arent that many gripping’childrens’ books out there.unless you like Junie B. Jones?I dont know if i can help.Sorry sweetheart.I tried.

Help with my book…… please please :).

I am writing a book about a sixth grade girl named zoey. its gonna be like her writing her own 6th grade story but idk how to write it like it would be her. what i have so far is hi my name is zoey carter im 11 years old and today will be my first day at malcom middle school. i only know three people that arev…

When trying to write like someone younger (or maybe the same age if you are actually that young), you have to make sure to still spell things correctly and use proper grammar. Otherwise, it will be annoying to read, and won’t be such a popular book.This was the problem with the Junie B. Jones series. There were far too many mistakes, and it was banned because it taught young kids how to write incorrectly. I enjoyed that series, but I agree with whoever made that decision to ban it.What you can do is use a low grade vocabulary to make it sound realisitic. That first sentence is fine, but make sure you write it correctly in your novel.

Where can I read the entire Junie B. Jones book collection for free.

Is there anywhere I can do this? My daughter read a few at her friend’s house and really wants to read the rest, but I don’t think I’m willing to invest that much money… Are there any websites where I can read them out loud to her?Preferably with pictures, but it’s fine if there aren’t…

You’re old enough to teach your daughter how to steal from authors. Ahhh, isn’t that lovely. Do you shoplift together too?

junie b. jones books.

how many are there? i want to order them for my daughter and ive found 1-27 plus a survival guide by junie b. jones. are there only 27 paper backs or are there more? i cant find a complete list.

Junie B. Jones and the Stinky, Smelly BusJunie B. Jones and a Little Monkey BusinessJunie B. Jones and Her Big Fat MouthJunie B. Jones and Some Sneaky, Peeky SpyingJunie B. Jones and the Yucky, Blucky FruitcakeJunie B. Jones and That Meanie Jim’s BirthdayJunie B. Jones Loves Handsome WarrenJunie B. Jones has a Monster Under her BedJunie B. Jones is Not a CrookJunie B. Jones is a Party AnimalJunie B. Jones is a Barbershop GuyJunie B. Jones Smells Something FishyJunie B. Jones is (almost) A Flower GirlJunie B. Jones and the Mushy, Gushy ValentineJunie B. Jones has a Peep in her PocketJunie B. Jones is Captain Field DayJunie B. Jones is a Graduation GirlJunie B. Jones: First Grader (at last)Junie B. First Grader: Boss of LunchJunie B. First Grader: Toothless WonderJunie B. First Grader: Cheater PantsJunie B. First Grader: One-Man BandJunie B. First Grader: ShipwreckedJunie B. First Grader: BOO… and I MEAN IT!Junie B. First Grader: Jingle Bells, Batman Smells! (P.S. So does May.)Junie B. First Grader: Aloha-ha-ha!Junie B. Jones’s First Boxed Set Ever! (Books 1 – 4)Junie B. Jones’s Second Boxed Set Ever! (Books 5 – 8)Junie B. Jones’s Third Boxed Set Ever! (Books 9 – 12)Junie B. Jones’s Fourth Boxed Set Ever! (Books 13 – 16)And then I also found these:Top Secret, Personal Beeswax: A Journal by Junie B. (and me)EDIT: My bad, I did the list upside down! The first book is at the bottom, most recent is at the top. Sorry!

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