How To Make Money Selling Books On Amazon

How do sellers make money on Amazon selling books at .99 cents or .01 cents.

I’ve seen books being sold on Amazon for .99 cents and even .01 cents and I don’t see how they would be making money.I sold a book at $1.95, Amazon standard shipping is $ 3.99 , Amazon took $2.63 so I only ended up with $3.31Basically it’s barely enough to cover the shipping! I now know not to…

1: they sell a lot a books2: they ship book-rate via the USPS, not Amazon standard

How long does it take to get money when you sell a book on amazon.

I sold a textbook on Amazon last Thursday and shipped it out on Friday and Amazon still hasnt put the money in my account…I was just wondering if this is normal or not

When you sell something on Amazon Marketplace.. Every few weeks Amazon places the funds into your bank account automatically, no matter how small the amount.From amazon.comWhen you list an item for the first time on our Amazon Marketplace platform, you will be required to register to receive funds through our Marketplace Payments by Amazon service.You will also need to provide your checking account for fund transfers. For instructions, see Entering Your Checking Account Information.After a purchase is made, Amazon processes the payment from the buyer and deposits it in your Payments account. Buyer refunds, seller fees, and other transactions are balanced against payments received from sales.The funds in your Payments account will automatically be disbursed every 14 days into your checking account. You may also request more frequent disbursements, up to once every 24 hours. For more information, see Transferring Funds to Your Checking Account.If you’re a new seller, there is an initial 14-day holding period before funds will be released from your Payments account. This holding period is a very important security requirement and you will not be able to disburse funds to your checking account during this time. Once you have received your first automatic disbursement, you will be eligible to disburse funds yourself.To sign up for Payments, you must have a U.S. checking account and a credit card with a U.S. billing address. There are no exceptions to this policy. Gay romance books free

how much money can I make selling used books on amazon.

I plan to sell books on amazon next month and want to know about an average of what I will make every month I would expect about 30-50 a month. Appreciate an answer as I’m very eager to hear from those who are sellers already

Depends on if they are textbooks or regular books. I’m selling books, textbooks, dvds, and games and my average is about $24 a month. I think anywhere between $20 and $30 should be reasonable to start out with. Textbooks bring in a lot of my moneyHere are some tips when it comes to selling books on amazon:

How does anyone make money selling a book for a penny on Amazon.

I just started selling books on Amazon and have seen so many books selling for a penny. If anyone knows about this or what way to ship the books for a penny and having your costs covered and making some sort of profit please let me know. Thanks.

Often times they can ship it for less than the standard shipping charge, thus they make a profit. Likely more money than they would have gotten at the recycling center.

How do I make money on by selling books.

I am trying to get books from thrift stores and such for $1.00 or less, and then sell them on amazon to make a profit. I don’t expect any of the books I get to bring more than $2 or $3 before the commission. I have looked at it from every angle I can think of, and I don’t see how I get around the $3 for…

You get an allowance for shipping, but the high commission Amazon charges can make it tough to make a profit on most older books.If the supply for a book is high and the demand is low, you will lose money. You will need to look up the going price on Amazon before buying . A lot of books are selling for a penney on amazon.Just because its a good book , it doesn’t mean it is worth anything to re-sell. If you research every book before you buy it -you will make a profit. If not………..And yes, I know from experience. If you try -have a phone with web browser to check out each book before buying. I just broke even sometimes, and made small profit when I was lucky.

How do people make money selling books on Amazon below $5.

There’s a lot of books below $5. They’d have to pay $3 in shipping and packing and mailing for $2 doesn’t seem worth it.Why would someone do this -_-

The shipping is always seperate (you don;t see that until the end) and it is usually $3.99 per book (and it costs less than that in reality oftentimes) so they make a few bucks a pop….still not super lucrative

How to sell books on amazon……

i am in college and i have bunch of books that the school wouldnt buy back and there no use to me so i want to sell them and make do i sell them on Amazon?!do i need a credit card or not??!thanks :)im 20 btw

Oddly enough, I am going to do that this morning.If you go to their opening page and scroll down to the bottom, you will see “Selling on Amazon.”Click this and it will take to to the info page.You need a bank account, but Amazon handles the payment from customers.All this for a fee of course.

How do folks make money selling books for 1 cent on

I know amazon fixes their shipping fees, and it barely covers it….so how are these people selling paperbacks for 1 cent making anything at all

a-hoy! mr.potatoe head,these sellers use deception to make money.they usually charge the shipping rate for priority mail but they ship via the media mail rate, which is way cheaper and very slow to arrive(2-3 weeks), in comparison to the the 2-3 day priority mail shipping.they make most of their profits on the S&H fees.even though their fees are fixed, the sellers still manage to make money off of the shipping & some of their books are used and they probably got them at wholesale rates or at garage sales for next to nothing deals.for example) the sellers might charge about $8 to ship one 1 lb book.they bought the used book for about $2 and actual shipping via media mail for a 1 lb book cost only $1-$2, so they still make about $4 profit.

How is it possible to make money selling used books on Amazon.

i started to sell some used paperbacks on amazon. but i always choose to list around the cheapest price – sometimes as low as $3 each. then i go to the Usps and it’s nearly $5 sometimes for the lowest ground shipping cost. i know amazon puts $3.99 toward shipment, but then they charge 99 cents per sale, plus…

OK, say you buy a book for $1, you sell it for $2, you charge $5 for S&H, but it only costs you $2. You just made $4.Now, do that 10 times a month, you make $40, 100 times a month, you make $400How they do it: find auction sites, wait until the last minute, then buy a good item that you know you can re-sell for a few $$$ more, then, depending on size, charge S&H $5-10. <-- That IS the Profit!

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